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Real Christian singles couple married on Fusion101.com!Welcome to our 101 Christian Dating tips and help page for our top online do's and don'ts to successfully meet mix and match with other single Christians (and hopefully marry one of them!). We'll teach you how to make the most of your singles encounters - gain wisdom, confidence, build character and understand what makes a good Christian friend and ultimately a lifetime partner. We'll give you 101 fun ideas on how to find (and hopefully with God's guidance via His Spirit and being led by what The Bible teaches - keep them forever) a Christian husband, specialised dating help, a Christian wife or partner right here, as well as insights and advice on dating and finding love in unexpected places.

Join 101 Christian singles dating service FREE Christian singles!Real Christian singles couple married on Fusion101.com!

Learn the difference between like and love (very confused these days), what is love all about, great romance tips, courting advice and answers to things like; is flirting good or bad, it's all in 101 dating tips - just like you were visiting a professional dating coach or counsellor but totally for free! God bless you in your search for love, 101 website and dating guide team:)

Going on a Date

How to succesfully ask someone out on a date

Tips on finding and getting a date

Do's and don'ts when going on dates

How to get prepared to go on a date

Tips on how to be attractive

Conversation tips on a date

First date tips for Christians

Second date tips and ideas

How to keep your date interested

Tips and dating rules for boys

Dating tips just for girls

Dating ideas, thoughts, information

Christian dating principles & guidelines


Falling in love - what is it really?

What is real love?: The Four Loves

Finding your soulmate

Tips on compatibility

What about dating or marrying non-Christians?

Finding a Christian husband

How to find a Christian wife

Marriage tips for Christians

Why commitment is next to Godliness

Who is and how do I meet mr right?

Who is and how do I meet miss right?

Relatonships Generally

Tips on breaking up without hurting your partner

General Christian dating advice

Why Christian Friendship is important

Be(come) the right person for your mate

Singles help articles

Personal Issues

Help dealing with temptation and lust

Real (Goldy) self confidence

Tips on how to feel good about yourself

Tips on why learning to be assertive (but not aggressive) is so important

Beauty tips: what is REALLY beautiful in God's eyes?

Why staying chaste will INCREASE self-confidence

Singleness tips for unmarried Christians

Marriage Advice

How does The Bible describe the noble wife?

Bible advice on being a Godly husband

Marriage advice tips

Advice on using the Internet to find Dates

Online safety guidelines - you must read this!

Online Christian dating discussion

How to find Christian dates off and on the web

How to write a really great online personals ad

101's complete online guide

General dating sites questions

Books & Other Sources

Christian Books on dating guidelines

Single Christian People Groups

Meeting real born again dates

20's to 30's singles help

Other Ways To Meet People

Tried group dating?

Christian speed dating services

Regional & Internation Dating pages

Canadian Dating

USA Dating site

UK Singles site

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