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Real Christian singles couple married on!Group dating - or single Christian meetup groups were first envisaged by Fusion101 way back in 2001 years before even existed (it was only 10 years later that I found the first proper online service offering 'group dating') the year after we started our free Christian dating service.

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Christian singles meetups were in fact our primary goal and the free Christian dating service we provide was merely going to be a stepping stone to achieve our aim of getting Christians together in real life groups, since we saw meeting in singles groups as much more effectiveand less stressful and probably more fun than 1-1 dates.

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Real Christian singles couple married on!But unfortunately Fusion101 was for many years - over a decade in fact - tied up by day to day running of the site and by developers effectively locking us out of developing our own service and not delivering any completed work until we were almost broke. Well, eventually around 2013 we escaped from these chains and managed to upgrade the site for the first time since we designed Fusion101 in 1998-9 - the first social network for Christians originally simply marketed as 'The Virtual Meeting Place for Christians' - in fact you can still see this on the header when you logn! So why is it now a FREE Christian dating service?

Well the answer is very simple. The people I designed it for were single Christians but also Christians that were just lookiing for friends (hence the 'Friends - just buddies' option is still on the site that understandably confuses a lot of the singles on there).

But being a newbie to the web, I soon realised I wasnt going to help anyone if I couldnt attract the singles - and the only way to do this (without cash for an advertising budget) was to use the words 'singes', 'dating' 'personals' etc on the site so as to be picked up by the search engines by people looking to meet other singles. So now - instead of having a site designed for friendship - ie a frendster for Christians I now have a dating site. The name itself was chosen specifically so as not to say 'singles' or dates' as back then there was a huge stigme.

Another first for Fusion101 was group dating. The concept was designed way back in 2001 and put up on a dummy site at (you can still see the homepage for the group dating service signup! Unfortunately I never had the cash to build the backend so I remove my signup pages and turned the site into a directory.

Group dating for Christians however will be made to work I promise just as soon as I have the manpower and resources to fnish the job!

group dating for more info on the idea of dating in groups but remember that we were the first!

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