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Over 300,000 single Christians can't be wrong!Real Christian singles couple married on Fusion101.com!

Fusion101 offers single Christians globally a great range of 100% free singles and date services and some of them are listed here. Search for a soulmate using our matching system! 101 is one of the best places to meet Christian singles online free. Choose the characteristics that are important to you such as interests, background, height, denomination, age or professional occupation. Make your Christian soulmate search simple or specific as 101 is a free dating agency service ONLY for Christians. We have members all over the world in the US - American, Canadian, New Zealand, single Australian Christians, English, Irish, Welsh, Brazil... you name it! More about 101 online Christian Dating Agency

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Free online dating for Christians

Meeting, mixing and matching was always difficult at church - not any more. Fusion's online Christian dating agency makes it so easy to find compaitble partners for fun, friendship, marriage and love. Online dating for Christians

Speed dating events

It's the latest thing in dating - no scary first meeting - no silent pauses - just a simple 3 minute chat with 20 different single Christian people in one hour flat!! Speed Dating couldn't be easier or more fun. It really must be tried to be appreciated as the best way on the planet to meet new Christians:) Give it a go! Fusion101 speed dating services for Christians

Fusion25 Plus single Christians

A unique sister service of Fusion101 - Fusion 25 Plus is a UK single Christian group based in the Midlands that covers the West and surrounding areas. Great value for money, no crazy joining fees - just the opportunity of meeting loads of great Christian singles in the West Midlands! Fusion25 Plus single Christian events

Places to go, things to do

Find the best places to meet, eat, films, theatre, sport, tickets, maps, art and more. Need help finding fun places to meet, the best places to eat or what's on at the cinema? - look no further than 101 or see timeout.

Christian Books on dating, love and Christian marriage

Buy the latest Christian singles Books directly from Amazon. Christian marriage books and dating advice

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Help us to help you! This Christian Singles site is run by volunteers passionate about making it easy for you to meet new Christian people. The more people you tell about us - the more new people you can meet. Please, please visit our 'ways to help us' page and see if there is any way you can help promote 101 Christiansingles - click the link below. Thanks - we really need your help.

World news & 101 news

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Live Christian only free chat
Name the time and talk about what you want - with whom you want at fusion's Cafe101 - a brand new interactive live chat area. Chat with other 101 members on-line with our instant messaging servise. See 101 Christian chat room service


Keep Fusion101 FREE by using our shop. We found a neat way to keep our Christian Singles service Totally FREE and just about cover our costs but we need your help! For any purchase you make at Amazon via our store, Amazon gives us 2 to 5% of any purchase to help our ministry no cost to you:-) Please bookmark our online shop ('ctrl' 'd') and click through our product links to keep Fusion christian singes free! 101 Christian Shop & Online Christian Stores

101 Christian Ringtones

Find the best Christian ringtones sites and free Christian ringtones to download here. 101 Free Christian Ringtones

101Christian fusion events

Find the best Christian parties and events in the UK, london and elsewhere here. 101Fusion parties and events

SMS Text Dating for Christians

The latest craze is using sms text messaging to meet people and 101Christian has now been using that technology for some time. Get a flavour of it here. SMS Christian Text Dating and general SMS Phone date services

101 Christian events

Christian get-togethers 101 members and friends! See what's happening or let us help you arrange a get-together near you (if your mad about organising events in nice bars, restaurants - partner with us and we'll do it with you! 101 Christian Singles Events

101 Christian Dating guide - advice on relationships

The 101 guide is everything you'll need to know when it comes to relationships. Click the '101Guide' logo on the main site and select any topic for fun dating tips and Biblical references! Christian Dating Advice.

20's 30's - events for single Christians

Find events and things to do - places to meet christian singles! 20's -30's Christian singles events - meet here

Send an e-card

Loads of crazy musical cards! Send a magical e-card to a friend. Loads to choose from. Add your own music and personal message - for fun songles or romance!

Christian Friends

Meet loads of friends on Fusion. If you are just looking for friends online, you can use Fusion101.com as a great meeting place for Christians in general - not just for roamance! More about services for meeting Christian friends - meet online.

Professional Christian Singles & Dating

Meet loads of professional Christians on 101. Finding a Christian partner that has a great career or business mind to match yours can sometimes prove hard - not any more. 101 has 1000's of Christian professionals you can meet online now!
Services for meeting professional Christians online.

Want general Christian help?

Visit Christian Advice.net. This site offers Biblical references, books and advice on relationships, love, dating, marriage, finance, christian datin, self-esteem, and more. Go to Christian Advice.net

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