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English Irish Welsh and Scottish Christian singles dating and chatAre you looking for Christian friends or meaningful friendships with other believers that are unmarried and looking to marry a lifetime believing partner? This site will help you make and also has some great articles on friendship for Christians - making and finding new Christian Friends online.

What are friends for?

Friends are ultimately what God uses to reflect ourselves in each other and see ourselves - good and bad in the light of others. Friendship is all about fellowship and the first friendship was initiated in the garden of eden between God and man! Isn't that amazing - that God - creator of the universe made the whole show just to be friends with us?!

Fusion101 puts paramount importance on friendships since we belive that the best relationships come from these. We use words like 'dating' and 'singles' really to describe to the search engines and web surfers the that the site is primarily designed for single Christians but, our emphasis is squarly on encourageing friendships and fellowshipping with other single Christians.

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If you want to meet Christian friends for free online then joining is one of the best places on the Internet soley for this purpose of meeting christiabns:) 101 is a meeting place for Christians all over the world (see our new chat rooms - some of the most fun chat rooms for Christians online and moderated by our members!) - it's a truely international site.

christian friendships onlineFusion is a service for socialising and a place to mingle with Christians without any pressure to date. It gives you the chance to find people on your wavelength and who share your beliefs, hobbies and interests. So, if you're not necessarily looking to date single Christians, then you must give us a try - not leaset because you won't be charged a penny (or nickel!) - now or later. Fusion is completely free - no ties.

If whilst chatting to Christian friends on Fusion and you do strike up a romantic relationship then all the better!! - we have had many friends of Fuison get together and even many many marriages. But good relationships start with good friendships - right here!

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