About 101 Free Christian Dating


101 free Christian dating service - a labour of love

(You can call me at: 07470 315 036 or email: epgb101@gmail.com)

Hello, my name is Edward and I created and run fusion101.com - the free Christian dating site and singles service where you never have to pay! Whilst I'm not keen on plastering my mugshot all over the Internet, I feel it's important in today's world of bogus websites and Internet scammers more interested in your wallet than your well-being than helping you meet someone to marry, and ready to empty your pockets at the drop of a hat, I should put a face to my sites, what they stand for and offer.

How I pay for Fusion101 & keep it free

Fusion101 was set up as a not-for-profit service to help Christians meet other singles. I oginally envisioned it to operate like a charity and support causes which I have partially achieved but working on! It's paid for by myself and the somewhat annoying, automatically generated Google advertisments you see on this page! I'm afraid it's the only way I can keep it free so I hope you can somehow put up with them! I also rent my spare room, do odd-jobs - anything to stop me being on the PC too long (I've ended up with various RSI type things but on the mend:).

My passion is to help single Christians meet & marry!

It may sound strange in today's world, but I am not interested in your cash, but very interested in helping you meet someone you really love and can grow in faith with and bring up a great Christian family. That's why I keep Fusion101 free and why I have spent most of my best years trying to make this possible. You can read about a few Fusion101 success stories here!

If you are Christian & single - please try Fusion101

I sincerely hope and pray that you and your Christian friends will find our completely free matchmaking site helps you in your journey on the road to real and lasting love and happiness! Check out some of our testiomnials or read about fusion101's long and painful journey from vision and garage experiment, to against all odds overcomeing a huge amount of problems to become a houshold name amoungst Christians and one of the best known and trusted Christian dating sites on Internet!

Join us - it's always free and don't forget to tell your friends about fusion - God bless you, Edward.