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Please make payable to 'Fusion101' and post to; Box 3, Compass Point, The Esplanade, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 1NX, UK (write username on reverse).


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How I fund 101 free Christian dating

My name is Edward and I have run and paid for 101's Christian singles service for 15 years. Though Fusion has 270,000+ members in it's database worldwide (many profiles are hidden), I've perhaps niiavely never asked for donations directly or via email, preferring just to have a donation button and leave it to members to decide if they see a value in Fusion worth supporting. Donations pay for server rental (my current one is too small hence small photos and fusion site is slow) software, domains and developer hire to fix bugs/add new features.

Why not charge for membership?

I could charge to use the site - in fact members (and even my 'competition') often encourage me to do this, but I've never felt right about it and prefer paying for fusion myself by doing various jobs along side it. Charging was never my intention as fusion was set up to serve what I see as a very serious need within the church.


I opted for automatically generated ads from Google to generate revenue (I cannot choose these - and they require a massive amount of time to control which I don't have - and why I occasioanlly get chastised from members who are unaware I do not do deals with the the advertisers and when 'off' ones sudenly pop up I have to scramble to find out where the came from and manually remove them (despite this I've managed to block 500+ unsuitable ones and will continue to do so as they change every few minutes).


With 290,000+ accounts I could email members for money but as mentioned I prefer to do various work along side running the site rather than do this. I get 4 or 5 donations a month (honestly) that average around £5/$6, plus I have several monthly supporters (thank you Andrea, John and Shaun and others) as till now, I haven't offered an easy to way to donate/contribte or support fusion101 (now you can also check a 'pay monthly' option when donating a dollar, a pound or whatever you decide).

So anyone that might consider giving Fusion101 a tiny montly contribution would be very welcome as it allows me to concentrate on running and improving the site rather than my various jobs which makes progress with fusion embarassingly slow!

Fusion101 costs

To date, fusion has cost me well over £150K, paying web developers, most of whom are better at completing invoices than work! The web is one industry where you can get away with this as there is so little accountability when people work remotely.

Oh, and fusion is dead slow and desperately needs a larger/faster server to allow faster usage and larger/more member photos (I limit it to 3 small ones). The current server costs approx £150 per month - a faster one would be £250.

Anyway - having learned some hard lessons (like don't give all your money away:) I have finally found 1 good, cheap (half the price) developer I can rely on, speeding things up who frankly saved me from having a coronary. Thank you Nikhil!

I will not complain as I have more than most in the world, but times are not easy, my health is a bit shot (finally improving not the cortisol levels are lowering!), and I was hoping to get married in the last 15 years but never had time or energy - something I will look at asap before it's too late... I know... It's never too late!:)

Anyway - enough whining - how did I even get onto that?! Suffice to say, if you think fusion is a worthy cause and want to help me complete it's long 13 year overdue update into the modern world, please consider any small donation to help me pay for it (this mobile-friendly page is an example:) or - may I ask you to consider a donation to one of the causes I like below, or any struggling Christian cause that you feel needs help. God bless you and please don't forget tp tell your friends about Fusion's free service - Edward:)

Please consider supporting;

The Voice of the Martyrs
Christian Mission Alliance
Christian Aid Missions
Christian Volunteers
Serving in Mission


Help me pay for developers to improve Fusion101 + it needs a larger server - just click one of the 'Donate' links at the top of this page.