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Why do professional single Christians find it hard to meet like-minded people?

Christian singles coupleAre you a Christian professional, or a company executive? Then you're probably aspirational, hard working and would love the chance to meet a professional Christian match, but you just don't seem to find the time! If that's you, then you are like me.

Hi - my name is Edward (see 'About' above) and I set up Fusion101 so that Christians could relax when it comes to making new single professional friends, meeting people and networking with other Christian professionals.

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There shouldn't be any anxiety for us even though there is - brought about but the fact that most people are not Christian in the first place! 101ChristianSingles takes the pressure off professional Christians and allows you to easily make a Christian connection with like-minded people and at your leisure. With our Christian matchmaker service you can meet new people stress free!

I've often wondered how God works when it comes to forming relationships.. how some people seem to find a lifetime partner almost the minute - others only when they are ready... still others seem to struggle on, often getting in a twist about if it's right to be looking in the first place. The Bible does shed some light on finding a partner. It suggests (my paraphrase!) "don't go about looking left right and center for a wife" - what does this mean?

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It can only mean one thing to my mind. As ever the Bible is the greatest guide book in the world reminds us that we have a higher calling than just to please ourselves. Therfore it rightly suggests - dont waste time trying to find a partner when we collectivley have other work to do. This is very sensible as often a 'wife hunt' or husband hunt' can be entirely unsuccesful and exhausting. It really IS a waste of time to expend large amounts of energy in pursuit of this - Gods timing IS perfect.

So.. why then use a professional Christian singles matchmaker or Fusion at all?.. well we are encouraged to make great Christian friendships! We say that friendships is where it's at. Use 101 when you have time - mabe an hour a week to make new friends and contacts. You can read profiles and find Christians that interest you - both for friendship, edification and for more if a friendship should blossom into romance.

This will allow you not to stress about meeting people. You can go to church and worrship, help the needy and bless each other in an outward looking way - since we have taken care of helping Christians meet new friends.

We hope you enjoy our service and will tell your friends about us. If you are looking to meet executive single Christians that share your faith we have you covered :)

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