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Encouragement being a single Christain in today's secular world

Christian singles coupleWhy is it that single Christians find it so hard to meet like-minded people even at church? Single Christians face a particular challenge in todays busy and franetic world that focuses in an unhealthy way on beauty, perfection, quality of life, attainment of wealth and social status and the like over inner beauty and the more transcedent qualities such as love, giving and sacrifice.

These pressures are particularly accute for modern Christians, and we all know them and respond to them in different ways. For some people (myself included) the Christian walsk is a tough one - one which sometimes I would rather not walk. It seems far simpler and easier to take the world has to offer and go with the flow.

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Being single is just another social stigma that we have to deal with and as Christians, one would expect that being in the church would make things a lot easier in terms of meeting new friends and people that might be a potential match - but in reality it can for some people in more remote situations - out of town or in smaller towns and viallages seem almost impossible to meet new people in Church.

You also oftne have the problem that church people often find out things about you before you do, and so to ask someone out on a casual friendship date seems daunting for many guys - girls - did you know this is a problem for the men. It's not always because they don't have the guts to ask - it's sometime due to the 'goldfish bowl effect' - ie gossip on all sides (guys and girls) that always seems to accompany church relationships.

In recent years - probably since the late 90's Christian singles have thankfully had more genuine resources to help them out and although Christians are finally getting a lookin, it's been slow getting the singles issue sorted out and the church it would seem are relived and leaving it to the internet Poople.

Here's a comprehensive set of articles, websites and help for singles in the church that may be of some use to you or your believing friends.

Dating Advice articles - a complete guide online for Christian singles looking to get married. The site covers getting a date, where to go on a date, what to look for in a Christian spouse and where to find one! - the issue of singleness in the church is rarely discussed but it is here. - singleness help guide.

Intimacey before marriage? - an in-depth look at why Christians should abstain from physical relations before marriage.

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