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Christian Dating Do's

tick Do reply to all first time emails you get, even if it's just to say that you've received the message and will get back when you're free.

tick Do encourage people to fill in their short answers!

tick Do consider displaying your photo, it increases your chances of being contacted by 10 times!

tick Do remember the other person can't see you - so they won't necessarily get the meaning you intended - smilies :-) Who said they weren't cool!

tick Do give honest answers when filling out your profile - feel free to leave a bit to the imagination! Edit your profile any time by clicking 'edit profile'.

tick Do remember that l-o-v-e can have the strangest effect on reality!!

tickDo take no for an answer! There are few things worse than being hassled by someone who can't take no for an answer. If someone declines your offer of never-ending love - be reasonable. Ask yourself if you really are compatible with each other - easier said than done!!

tickDo keep the conversation light to start off. It's not superficial - just get a rapport going. Get to Deuteronomy and tell em about your twenty kids later - Just kidding!

tickDo tell us if you meet the person of your dreams. There'll be much rejoicing!!

Christian Dating Don'ts

cross  Don't meet someone in a place other than a public one or exchange ANY personal details until it's safe to do so. Take care of yourself :-)

cross  Don't expect a commitment straight away - wait at least 2 working days! (kidding). Remember to have fun finding out the kind of people you like. When it's time to get serious (i.e. - when you decide not continue to email the whole universe!!) you'll know!

cross  Don't be down if your fab offer of everlasting love is turned down!
It's not such a big deal. Everyone gets turned down!! :-)

cross  Don't be intimidated or feel you can't match someone's amazing genius, wit or composure! We're all gifted in different ways. Be yourself. For all you know they may be looking for honesty or some other fine attribute you have in abundance! Talk well of yourself - this in itself is a great attractant!! :-)

cross  Don't be too perfectionistc! You've got to be attracted to someone, - but give them a chance because some people take a while to show their true colours and you'll miss em if you're too hasty. Wait till someone's relaxed and you may find they're the best company and even funnier than you!

cross  Don't wear too much aftershave on your first date - joke;-)!

cross  Don't talk about all your worst experiences in your first email! It's not particularly attractive to someone who doesn't know what a great person you are! The ability not to take oneself too seriously is a must on 101!!

cross  Don't lead people on. Flirting is one thing but gratification of one's ego at someone else's expense is not OK.

And finally... don't forget to make loads of friends in other countries on 101SocialNetworks!

Have fun - 101 Team:)

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