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I was going to call this Christian dating advice for guys article; 'how to understand women' or 'inside the mind of a female' for guys - but then realised I didn't have enough ink! Now look girls and guys - that was a joke:)

The truth is, women are wonderful and the crowning glory of creation, and whilst I am not a 'dating' or 'relationship' dating advice expert (I mean as Christians we're supposed to only have one successful relationship right? - a marriage, but life is not so simple - and how how one can be a 'relationship expert' as if we are meant to have dozens in order to be succesful doesn't make any sense as Christians), it's why I've taken the time to try to help you men treat women in a way they will appreciate most.

So men... are you a guy needing some advice, trying to find a Christian girlfriend or are you blessed enough to already have one - or perhaps you have a loving wife already and you need a bit of help and advice understanding her seemingly strange ways?

If you're in the last two categories count yourself very fortunate and praise the Lord! Why do I say that?.. well because, as a man the greatest thing outside salvation you could have is a beautiful wife that loves and supports you. Through her you will experience how giving is more fulfilling than recieving.

Women have amazing powers of guidance...

Now here's some real relationship advice; men - did you realise a woman has instincts that can guide and instruct guys, that give men insights that they would'nt have necessarily had themselves.

She has qualities that you as a man need so treat her with care and respect and in doing so she will feel cherished and respond in amazing ways. When a woman feels cherished by a guy she is radiant and a blessing to the people around her. I have experienced a woman's insight - seeing things from the outside and saving me in many of my 'can't see the wood for the trees moments' several times over! Men -guys - you think you know everything - but a woman can be your spiritual ears, eys and early warning system!

About her - understand your differences!

Yes it's true - women are marginally (yes I know some would say infinitely) more intelligent than men on average! However they attach more importance to communicating and helping each other, than being innovative (women on average take less risks) than guys. For ladies, contentment is more likely to be found in quality of relationships rather than success and accomplishment as we all know egotistical guys can be.

What motivates a woman?

A woman is motivated when she feels cherished by a guy, protected and tended to. Men - the highest compliment you can pay a woman is your undivided attention-make time to give her this attention!

How a woman deals with stress

When she's stressed, sharing the problem alone can make her feel better. Unlike us men (speak for yourself I hear you say), she doesn't always feel the need to strut about like a peacock, flashing the cash, build large objects or conquer the universe like many guys do!

Are women illogical?

Of course! - just kidding! Well they have different needs and think very differently and therefore appear illogical to us men, and of course it works both ways. You prefer discussing one thing at a time and finding a solution, but she may move from one subject to another simply to get things off her chest. Be a good listener and she'll love you for it! But try to deal with her the same way as you deal with your male chums and she won't be happy.

Men beware

It's a woman's instinct to nurture and improve. And this means you! Unlike your average male she accepts advice from others and expects you to accept hers! Unwittingly she dents your pride but really only wants to help!

A bit about you

smarmy man
Now we know you probably have everything sorted in your life like the guy in the picture, but just in case there are a few imporvements you could make, we've made a checklist. It's probably a good idea to know yourself as well as your partner! Here's a few male traits for you - any familiar?

Objects and things

It's embarrassing to admit but it appears that men are more interested in objects and things rather than people and feelings! As I write my next door neighbour walks round his new car lovingly - a new toy? Is acquiring stuff and feeling good about it bad? - it must have its place - after all we do need things. One thing's for sure, there's a child inside every man!

What - need help - me?

Ever noticed how asking for help makes you nervous? - and you only ask when you really need it. You also resist correction like the plague. It's a male hang-up! Apparently real men have no problem listening to other people's views and love to be enlightened! You may notice on the other hand, you love being called on for advice - what an honour!

What we men do wrong - written by a women!

I know what you're thinking... everything right? Well not really. Actually the biggest complaint women have about men is that they don't listen. Men love to listen with the minimal amount of brain power necessary to be able to repeat back what they just heard - heaven forbid you're asked to repeat it!

This won't do for a woman. She wants your full attention, and because no-one can be fully attentive all the time, it makes sense to make time when you are prepared to give her at leat 98% and if it's humanly possoble 100?!

And finally...

4 ways guranted to upset a female - or your money back!

  • Dismiss the things she says like she couldn't possibly know anything!

  • Offer her quick solutions to her problems knowing she wants empathy. Watch out - she will go nuts!

  • Listen with only 5% of your listening power whilst doing something else! You may think she hasn't cottoned on to the fac tthat your not listening but I promise she will tell you right at the end that; "you haven't listened to a word!" Man - listen to your women!

  • Tell her to "calm down" when she is upset! This one really is like playing with nuclear weapons. If you do this don't say we didn't warn you!

We wish you all God's best wisdon in dealing with persons of the opposite geneder. Hopefully this has given you a few pointers and ideas how to succeed.

May God bless you and grant you wisdom (you'll need it:)

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