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"Good-luck is the residue of preparation!"

Whilst being Christians we don't believe in luck - as in the 'read it in the stars' kind of luck, and of course we also know that God knows the beginning from the end, nevertheless the above statement does have some truth in it, since God requires us to tend to and be good stewards of everything we have been given. Our homes, gardens, family, friends and our own body - and we search for, prepare, study, dress and travel for an exam or interview.

Treasure must be searched for

Reading The BIble automatically makes you wiser, and there is a natural knock-on effect from preparating for things in advance - being ready for what God has, but what serious employer would give a great job to someone who had done none of the above searching or preparation, and chose to sit in their room and wait for the employer to knock on their door? Would God honour such inactivity? I'm not sure. Treasure is called treasure because not everyone is willing to look for it.

To succeed (in the proper sense of the word - i.e not worldy suceess) in most areas of life requires a bit of practice and 'upkeeping'! How much time does an athlete spend training against actually competing? - Dating is no different (and we mean dating to find a genuine Christian husband or wife - we are not saying dating should be a sport as many today treat it). A bit of effort now means things will go smoother should you bump into Mr or Mrs right later! And remember a good performance this time will build your confidence next time!

Learn to love yourself

No we don't mean in the 'dating column' and unbliblical sense - where they encourage you to have a kind of 'me' first - self centered approach to love. We mean when you love yourself as Jesus would have loved himself - using the proper meaning of love (remember real love is not 'liking' something or being enfatuated with something or somone as its prorayed nowdays, real love is to nurture and care for someone and be loyal to that person - i.e it's an outward, giving thing).

So you take care of yourself that way and everyone will see it, and it will give any potential husband or wife the clear idea that if you can look after yourself in a Godly way - you are sure likely to be able to look after them and the kids (if you have any) - very attractive to both geners! After all we are to be helpers to each other.

The fact is, it's hard to be attracted to someone who doesn't love themself in the right way. People are attracted to the whole person so develop all areas of your being - humour, knowledge, skill, self control, and so on.

Prepare mind and body

Not in some new-age sense, but we mean sort out your mind and body with exercise and good eating before you think about dating - yes junk food makes you feel rubbish! As for exercise - just a small amount makes you feel great and look your best. For a clear head and a sharp mind good sleep will also be in order! It goes without saying that cleanliness is a must. So for dating, get a hair cut and forget that Garlic!

how to change the way you react - positive is attractive!
Two people react differently to the same problem - one fails - one succeeds! Treat a problem as a challenge and overcome it - 'up' people are more fun to be around!

Deal with issues

Yes gentlemen (and gentle-ladies) we all have them - but marriage is for men and women not boys and girls! So deal with that anger and forgivness of people in the past whoever it. Don't take resentment and anger or any other serious issue into a new reltionship because it's not fair. You don't have to be perfect of course but at least work out what parts of your character need dealing with, place it before our Lord and start to DEAL WITH IT!:)

Use every opportunity!

Use every opportunity to improve your interpersonal skills, and don't waste opportunities just because you don't fancy someone. Remember the more people you take the time to know - the more likely you are to be introduced to someone through them! Even if your date doesn't turn out to be the love of your life, good communication will build self confidence and lead to greater things when you do meet the right person!

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