Q: where do you find the best dating advice online?

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Are all dating advice sites are equal?

Err nope! You're kidding right? The majority of dating 'advice' sites on teh net are just like hippos - some might be stronger than others but most are just lazy, content to wallow in the mire and mud in a hippo-haze of confusion!

On the other had - this site (Fusion101 ChristianNetworks) is different! Whilst it may not be hip-o to be Christian - Christian living makes a lot more sense than the secular way of thinking when it comes to real love and commitment. There is far less Hipo-cracey all round!

You see, we as Christians musn't get confused and bogged down in the dirt, mud and myre with the daft idea that most internet dating tips sites churn out good and useful information and help - cos they don't! Most of these sites are pagan, heathen and secular in nature - un Godly to put it bluntly.

Don't wallow in mud when it comes to date advice!

'Dating advice' to them means; let's give you as many ideas as we can to show you how you can go out with as many guys and girls as possible in the shortest space of time and have as much fun as possible without getting hurt. Of course such a thing is not possible as someone ALWAYS gets hurt when there is a split or a break-up in a relationship - even if the people don't feel it, inside a mark and scare are left on the conscience and soul that only God can deal with!

Q: where do you find the best unbiased dating advice?
A: right here on 101 of course!

Yes I know that sometimes it's a laugh to read these columists who are paid thousands of $$$ to write the most inane, vacuous dating articles one can imagine that range with all sorts of nonsensicle titles like; How to Make her go wild in bed' or '20 ways to make him never forget you' or '50 ways to ensure he calls you within 2 days and ten minutes of your forst date' or 'how to date a merchant banker' (yes I kid you not - this was a real dating advice help article I found on tha largest and most respected dating sites on the entire inter-webs!).

We need dating help not hinderences!

What these daft writers do not realise is that they are helping to create relationships that are fickle, emotionally driven, unstable and target people that are the same - prone to breaking off relartionships easily without loyalty - without a view to marriage - with an over emphasis on playing about and having fun!

Most of these article if not just a collection of 100 ways to get someone into bed are purile, short-sighted, short-term, immature and offer futile means procure futile ends - not at all constructive in sound ways to meet and find your real soulmate or partner (1 partner!) for life.

Within about two lines you know they are written from a worldy standpoint with worldy aims and goals and it's all about pleasing 'me' and what I can get from a relationship. There is nothing or very little about real love and a lot of guff about looks, outer and superficial means you can employ to get what you want from him or her.

Granted there are a few good sites out there that really try to help you build long lasting (hopefylly forever) relationship but these are the exception not the rule. Most will say anything that encourages you to use their singles or dating service and are not really interested in you meeting the one - so long as your constantly on the go looking for a new girlfriend or boyfriend and that standing order is coming out of your account - who cares about your spiritual walk and what God really intends for you in the marriage and romance dept.

Nope - go for the advice that matters - ie - Christian dating advice! Yep - God invented men and women, love, relationships, romance, inspired the Bible and even invented s-e-x before you start thinking it's a taboo subject!!!:) It should not be with Christians so first thing is - beware of non-christian advice on dating and singles issues. We all know how living together, s before marriage and a million and one other things that were once (quite rightly) considered a bad idea, are now becoming 'the thing to do'.

OK - now that's straight we can start looking at dating or not dating as the case may be, in a serious light - and that means in the light of what the Bible says.

OK so we might be bias - but we will not apologise for blowing our own trumpet since we have gone to great lengths to give you the best advice going in this area. If you want real meaningful suggestions about real people and real issues in relationships - start here >>

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