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It sounds crass doesn't it, and I'm not suggesting you go out and buy a huge magnet or a Porche 911 (though there are dating blogs out there that probably do intimate that material things help with the whole attraction - and no doubt they do if you want to attract the wrong person!) but seriously, we Christians need to do our best to make sure we retain the interest of our date. Of course according to The Bible we must go to great lengths to look after and keep the person we hold dear, and have invested in, and they in us - happy and fulfilled in love, life and spiritual matters. And if it's your husband or wife, then this it's an absolute must for obvious reasons!

So if you've got to the stage where you're wondering how to keep your new date or love interest interested - congratulations!!! Hopefully you've found a good match, and if so there should be a healthy tension between you that is fun and needs to be maintained! Here's a few ways to do it...

Keep him interested - for the girls written by a man!

  • Be attentive and enthusiastic - win his trust, build his confidence with genuine appreciation - no false flattery please! Anything abtained in this way will come back and bite the flatterer - let alone the person being flattered!

  • Show appreciation of his jokes - unless they're terrible!

  • Be warm and inviting but maintain a distance - let him catch you at times! Also don't expect him to do all the chasing - surprise him by being forward at times!

  • When a potential problem occurs - be positive and always look on the bright side - this is very attractive to a man!

  • always leave him wanting more!

keep her interested - for the men written by a woman!

  • Be attentive and romantic.

  • Keep her guessing as to your availability - let here know you often go out but not necessarily with whom!

  • Don't be too keen.

  • Be relaxed and confident.

  • Feel free to indicate ambition and knowledge without arrogance.

  • A little vulnerability goes a long way.

  • Keep your eyes where they should be!

  • Always leave her wanting more!


Tips for later on in the relationship...

  • Go slowly - get to know each others habits and obviously don't expect perfection. If you like someone enough you 'll overlook imperfections!

  • Find common interests - and share responsibilities.

  • Living in each others pockets will be a temptation but won't help the relationship stay alive and fresh.

  • Be natural - go will the flow. The normal tension between a couple is healthy but if you have to manipulate or play serious mind games something's amiss!

  • Trip away?- make sure they're short breaks to start.

  • Be flexible - allow for your differences and allow for unexpected changes.

  • Plan ahead to make your time together more relaxed.

  • Discuss small problems when they occur or they will fester.

  • Sensible lovers laugh!

  • a final thought... It sort of goes without saying that a relationship that's one sided or where you have to manipulate in order to keep someone's interest is probably one best left alone!

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