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Finding Mr Right

It sounds like a new Disney movie, but is there such a thing as Mr Right let alone finding this illusive creature that has been talked about from the dawn of time? Well first you might like to read our advice on finding a compatible Christian husband or wife - but in the meantime...

The wrong man entirely our friend again - merchant banker Bob Charisma. Every woman's perfect dream-man. Ladies, with Mr Right you can't go wrong! Handsome, successful, good with money... well good at making it at least... honest... sorry, did you say honest? Err, I mean Bob Charisma is charming, so he's got to be who he says and appears to be right? I mean people wouldn't do big business with someone of questionable integrity would they? And he's such a nice bloke... and that house and car!

Well... umm, the thing with our friend is, that he may or may not be who he appears to be on his rather 'affluent' and alltogether 'agreeable' outer - rather smoooooth veneer. His success, smart appearance and charm may well be built on a firm Christian faith - making him eligible indeed! But if he doesn't know the Lord, we might run into a little trouble somewhere along the way. You see he's spent so long cultivating the worldy parts of his personality and charcater that he left little time for his spiritual life - and besides, Bob Charisma doesn't need God. He's doing just fine on his own thank you very much!

Girls, this requires a bit of decernment...

Many things are attractive about people; honesty, kindness, Intelligence, witt, charisma, physical appearance, down- to-earthness, self confidence, the list is endless. Trouble is, many not -so-nice characteristics are attractive too. Sticking to the rules designed to keep us on the straight and narrow can seem ever so dull - quite unattractive. However the rules are there to give us life in abundance and we must decide at the outset not to deliberately break them or throw in our lot with unseemly characters. Unseemliness is a seductive lifestyle but it's a road that leads away from fulfillment.

What does the Bible say about Mr Right?

Date someone who lives - not just talks a Christian life Corinthians 5:11.
"you are not to keep company with anyone who claims to be a Christian but indulges in sexual sins, or is greedy, or is a swindler, or worships idols, is a drunkard, or abusive. Don't even eat with such a person."

Should a Christian be partner to an unbeliever?
"how can two walk together, unless they are agreed?"

Amos 3:3, NKJV says

"don't date bad tempered people" Proverbs 22:24,
"Keep away from angry, short-tempered men, lest you learn to be like them and endanger your soul."

Avoid lazy Christians, II Thessalonians 3:6,
"Stay away from any Christian who spends his days in laziness and does not follow the ideal of hard work we set up for you."

Inner beauty is more important than outer, I Peter 3:4,
"Be beautiful inside, in your hearts, with the lasting charm of a gentle and quiet spirit that is so precious to God."

What kind of person should you date? II Timothy 2:22,
"enjoy the companionship of those who love the Lord." "Don't team with those who do not love the Lord, for what do people of God have in common with people of sin? How can light live with darkness?" II Corinthians 6:14-15

Date someone who knows how to encourage, Philippians 2:1-2,
"Is there any such thing as Christians cheering each other up? Does it mean anything to you that we are brothers in the Lord, sharing the same Spirit? Are your hearts tender and sympathetic at all? Then truly love each other, working together with one heart, mind and purpose."

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