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You reached this page probably because you were looking for Christian dating guidelines and questions answered. So, what should be the guidelines for single Christians when it comes to dating, meeting people, love and relationships? Well, there are several things that as Christians we must be very careful to adhere to lest we find ourselves in situations not pleasing to God!

Even worse, we become attached and spiritually joined to a hunsband, wife, man or woman that we either should never have gone out on a casual date with in the first place, or we find ourselves with someone we cannot find it in ourselves to separate from that we know is wrong or will cause great pain to separate, or worst of all, we have married the wrong person altogether!

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Of course as Christians - unlike dating and marriage in the secular world, there is much more of an emphasis on making yourself right for thr other poerson (rather than simply waiting for that perfect person to come along which in reality will never happen as no one is perfect).

Rules For Christian Dating

These are some of the things we at 101 feel are a must for any Christian serioulsy looking to date someone and find a husband or wife on or offline. Our Christian dating guidelines;

  1. Make sure you are ready to date. In other words - do not date just for fun as we are talking about people's spiritual, and physical lives and emotions here! (see our articles on preparing yourself for a date). Talk to God and place your personal issues before God' and sort out as many things as necessary before you start looking for a spouse (forgive people - you don't need to be rich but work/income is imporant - deal with any anger issues guys - your spiritual walk - church - etc).

  2. NEVER EVER go to a place where they serve alcohol! I don't need to explain why - suffice to say that many liberal Christians and churches think alcohol is all fine and dandy! The Bible tells us alcohol will turn you into a fool and make you do and say things you never thought you were capable of doing or saying - hardly what you want in front of your beautiful Christian date!

  3. Be prepared NOT to get physical with your date. Unfortunately (or fortunately in reality) you don't have any options here according to The Bible, and if you find any 'loopholes' in the text they are purely a in your own imagination - looking for loopholes in the Bible to suit our lifestyle is something we all do at times. Anything physical outside marriage (and I don't need to explain that) is fornication and Jesus told us; "fornicators will not inherit the kingdom of God." Yes - this is a hard command to follow and there is forgiveness for sins but Jesus gave this command for good reason, as any woman or man that is not yours potentially and most likey belongs to another Christian in the future. Not only that - you may draw them or yourself away from God! Make sure you always meet in a non-intimate setting until you are married!

  4. To ensure 2) we say that meeting in a public place is an absolute must! Never go back to someones house and girls - NEVER take a guy up on an offer to go to his house.

  5. Do not date someone you know is dating someone else - equally don't go on a date or a dating site when you yourself are knowingly dating someone - it's unfair and all parties and you will have to be dishonest to carry it off convincingly as a 'single'.

  6. Be yourslef - guys humour is great but don't try your standup routine - at least on the first date! Be real.

  7. Always take a phone with you on a date (girls).

  8. Tell someone where you are going on your date (girls).

  9. Don't stay too late wherever you are going on your date - keep it short at least to start.

  10. Preferabley (this is obvioulsy not always possible) meet the person in the company of your or better their friends eg. at church etc.

  11. As Christians we know we are to look further than the surface of a person or situation but... still make sure you are presentable, clean and tidy. This is not a fashion parade but show respect for your date (and yourself) by caring about your appearance. Men - do not expect any women to be attracted to you if you can't be bothered here. This is not being superficial - God gave us vessels (bodies) and we are to be stewards of all that he gives us. Besides, if you can't look after yourself, what chnace is there you can look after your wife and family? When you go to a job interview you don't go scruffy. There - you've heard it!

  12. Never date a married or separated person! Let them sort that out before you even consider dating them.

  13. Are you married or separated?.. then you shouldn't be reading this page as you have things to sort out (said in love of course:).

  14. Be kind and patient on your date - some people are not as confident as you!

  15. Girls ask questions and guys don't be worried when girls ask you questions.

  16. Do not seek a person purely for money or looks or some other superfical reason - it will end in tears guaranteed! Jesus - the person we are all to emulate in character (perhaps not in waelth?) had not even a pillow to his name.

  17. Do not be unequally yolked with unbelievers! NEVER date or pretend that you can convert an unbeliever and marry them. Reason: you are not singing from the same rule book and I guarantee it's much much easier for them to pull you down from your faith than it will be for you to pull them up to your faith! This never works (speaking unfortunately from persoanal experience!).

  18. Pray that you and your date will be relaxed and confident in The Lord even if you are not meant for each other and always be polite and care about the other person's well-being and feelings.

  19. If you are not experienced in meeting the opposite gender - see this as an experience to gain understanding of your own desires in a suitable mate and one that the person you are meeting can gain from too.

  20. Avoid bragging in any way about anything. It's really off-putting to a woman and most men. Your genius will come out in time!

  21. Girls give the Christian guys a chance. Christian guys are much better in the long run but sometimes they are not as good as the pagan guys at putting on a good show as they haven't (thankfully) had as much practice!

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