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Christians need more relationship advice today than ever before. The world is becoming a harder, tougher and more hedonistic place every day and I notice things getting worse in this respect in different parts of the world globally - especially here in the UK and now in America - once the stronghold of Christian values and morals, and we see the UK along side Japan has now been labelled (according to research) the two most God-less nations in the world! So finding a Christian is hard enough - let alone marrying one!

In the West this means more debauchery, more rebelion, more parties, more drugs, louder more agressive music, fewer moral codes of conduct and a seared concience that in some barely exists any longer as people are no longer able to hear the still small voice of the most powerful being in the cosmos - our Lord God!

Churches and Christian schools struggling

The churches and schools are also struggling with finding ways to help young Christian men and women live godly lives in todays 'have it all now' 'throwaway' society. What happened to love and romance, what happened to courting, and what happend to saving youself for your partner - what happened to commitment!!??

Even my Christian single friends find it hard to put a finger on exactly why we should bother saving ourselves for the someone marry. Why wait when you can have it now? Well, single Christians today I believe more than ever before are being tested and tempted in a myriad of ways and we're loosing many along the way to the world. The media constantly bombards young people with subliminal messages about how they should act, look, feel and how thay can be seen to be cool.

Far from making young people more individual as the advertisers would have you belive buy buying into their products and marketing tricks, it is actually stripping young people of their individuality - making them feel they have to conform (buy into the particular product being pushed at that particular moment) to be cool. Peer pressure was bad when I was a kid - now it's gone nuts!

This of course, affects Christian singles just like everyone else. This is why we shouldn't be too hard on them but make it clear what is actually happening in todays society - what is wrong and right and what will always, and has always been so.

Where can singles meet other Christians?

This website doesn't have 'the answer' for Christisn singles living in todays world, but it offers Christian singles advice and help that can make it easier being Christian in these troubled times. We hope you find the pages in this site edfying and you get something from the relationship guides and related Bible verses that are designed to help singles in the church make sense of some of the rules in the Bible which can often be seen as there purley to take the fun out of life rather than protect life itself:)

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God bless you - All at 101Christian's online dating advice guide.

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