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Thank you for Fusion 101 - by the way, it is an Oasis amidst the jungle of dating websites.
Matthew - Mid US

Hello Fusion Team!!
My user name is Istra. I have met the love of my life on Fusion. We met for the first time in June and are going to Paris next month to get engaged. Therefore can you remove my profile please?
Thank you very much for the site!
Ann - southern UK

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Hi there
There are a lot of christian websites out there
But i just wanted to say I have just joined today and this is totally brilliant. I wanted to encourage you.
Keep up the good work !!!
Jonathan - Northern Canada

Subject: Remove profile
Message: HAving found the perfect man on your christian singled site, I no longer need your service! Thank you for all you do but uplease now remove my profile.
User name: Anas:
THank you again- I never knew that love like this was possible.
Helen*** - Northern Australia

I'm on your profiles listing as 'folkestone' and am now in a relationship with another Christian thanks to yourselves and your site. Would you be so kind as to remove my profile.
M. Kavan - South England

Thank you very much for your christian singlea services...i've actually found someone on your website and so would like to end the account. thanks
username:vector75 - Mid West USA

Message: thank you very much for this site....i have found an wonderful and Godly person.....please take my profile off this site.....thank you again......bill southern

Subjesct: BAGGED!!!:)
Hi there,
Please delete my account as soon as possible. Through your site, I've now bagged myself the most amazing boyfriend - who is passionate about Jesus. God is awesome and has made me even believe in Christian dating websites! ;o) Thanks again for your services, I'll send you an invite if it gets that far! (you might want to start looking at hats!)
Aimeekb, Peterborough

Message: Thank you for your excellant service. Please delete my profile as I\'ve met a lovely bloke on your website and he\'s asked me to marry him! All the best.
E. French

From: (Hevenscent4U - 26237)
Subject: Removing my Profile
Message: I would like for my profile to be removed from your singles web site. I have no use for your service at this time. I would like to say that you have a very user friendly site. I have tried different sites, and this one is the easiest to maneuver through. Keep up the good work. much for the time I've spent on Fusion101. I had withdrawn my
membership then rejoined, only to meet the man of my dreams. We are engaged to be married and I would appreciate your removing my personal ad from membership. He in turn will be contacting you to have his name removed. Wishing you the very best and thanking you once again.
Lara (G. West)

From: (cuddlypoliceman - 24335)
Subject: please delete my profile
Message: nice one fusion, found a nice young lady on here and am now getting married. can you delete my profile
thankyou and god bless
liam & emma

Date: Friday, February 13, 2004 3:57 PM
From: (2052)
Subject: hi
Message: hey, i have found love online at fusion, so I don\'t need my profile up anymore! Tom

Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 9:24 PM
From: (23448)
Subject: delete
Message: Hi,Could you delete my profile please? I have got extremely lucky with 'FunChristainGuy' - thanks, we are forever indebted to your singles website.

Date: Monday, March 08, 2004 6:47 AM

Dear Fusion101 Staff,

Please remove my profile pinkpearl63
from your fusion101 webpage.
I am already specialy related to someone else now. THANK YOU so much however, for the great help of your webpage, I have met a lot of wonderful Christian men whom I have corresponded with. Now I am settled with one special someone. THANK YOU SO MUCH
for your web site! God bless you and more power to your staff.
You are a blessing to mny of us!!!

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