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101ChristianDatingGuide was the first full and complete online dating tips and advice site on the web! It was written between 1999-2001 after it's author - the owner of the free matchmaking service Fusion101.com, had read several 'dating advice' books and after felling rather dejected about their contents, decided to make his own more serious attempt at helping people prepare for going on dates, and to successfully find a date that was a good match - and ultimately find a suitable marriage partner for life!

The entire Christian dating guide took about six months to write and edit and put online - at the time not as easy as it is now where we have content management systems that make such tasks a breeze!

Then - when it was finished and made avalable online, it was immediately 'scrapped' up (copied or stolen for want of a better word) by some unscruplulous characters and put up on another website. You can immagine this was quite depressing. However - after lots of emails to various sercah engines the site was taken down. This was and is still happenikng to this day to more or less degrees with Fusion101 content.

And that's the point - a lot, or probably most of these dating guies and romance advice books - like the folks that scrapped up my site, were all coming from a secular stance and aimed at 'dating' as if it was some kind of sport. You know.. how you can attract Pemela Anderson, have your fun with her and onto the next date! Well we wanted something better.

And the same dating advice for girls - how to attract a rich man and keep him interested and have as much fun as possible and then if it doesn't work onto the next.

You see for a Christian, divorce is not an option, despite what some liberal Christian ministers and pastors will tell you. Unlike other areas of Christian learning and doctrine I am not prepared to say I know someonthing is correct and prefer (not being a 'scholar' to present the different views and ask the reader to make their own minds based on what The Bible says) Christian marriage this is one area where I will put my money where my mouth is and say I know this is correct.

So then, this dating guide for Christians, and in fact the entire 101ChristianNetwork of sites for singles is designed to help you find someone for life - not go through a string of unsuccesful dates or worse - succesful flings!

I sincerely hope that when you use our free Christiain singles dating service you will take the time to prepare your heart and mind for a lifetime partner and if you are unsure about anything - try earnestly with God to get things straightened out forst in your own life before you carry it into a relationship and into the lives of others.

We wish you God's best blessings in your search for a Christian husband or wife using our singles and social sites and services :)

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