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Ok, - It goes without saying we believe 101 is a great way to meet new Christian friends. We say this because meeting people is often limited to your social circle and the fact that only a small percentage of the population are christians in the first place! However you could meet someone at any time so our advice is to be prepared for anything and keep yourself in good shape! meet new people.


First off - meet new people

Are you always with the same people? Put yourself in a position to meet as many people as possible to up the chances of bumping into someone you like. This also means helping each other out. Be generous - introduce each other. Yes - we could all use help!

Tips to ask someone out!

You've seen someone you like - are you going to sit and wait for them? - no - you're going to start a conversation! This is a lot easier for women than it is for guys(so women, be approachable!). Guys love it when ladies talk to them - something to do with ego perhaps?!! A women, however, often makes up her mind before you even opened your mouth. But don't panic men, just remember first impressions count a bit more and anyway, if you're sincere you'll always get another chance!

  • start a conversation
    Rule no.1 OK - listen up. Forget every pick up line you know! - seriously! Best thing to do is find something interesting about them, and comment or ask them about it. As you're doing this, note their response - outgoing, shy, bored? What kind of things catch their eye? Have they anything with them, that gives a clue to their interests? Do this part well and you'll strike up a good conversation!

  • next time you speak...
    When you go and talk to them, be as original as possible. Choose something you have some knowledge of or interest in. People look for things in common and confidence comes naturally when you know what you're talking about!

  • be yourself
    Don't be something you're not. Impress only by being relaxed and confident. The best friendships are built on honesty - people know if you're putting on a facade. Also don't bluff if you don't get something they're saying - tell them!

  • approaching a person in a group of friends
    This makes things a little trickier! The potential for embarrassment is higher than when someone is on their own and the group interaction adds a few more variables. Pick the right moment - when the person is alone or slightly separated from the others, even if it's only a foot!

  • good timing
    If such a moment doesn't present itself, introduce yourself to the person or to the group as a whole. Look at the group to select some conversation starters as before. If there is more than one person in the group you're interested in - all the better! This isn't easy and you're bound to make mistakes at first. Anyway, falling on your face a few times will improve results! Better to make a move than wonder what could've been!

  • how to approach someone you don't know!
    This is takes guts and initiative is what 101 is all about! My own parents met this way but unfortunately people are justifiably a little cautious these days. If you are approached by someone like this, be courteous as it's a tough thing to do - even if you're not interested!

  • be presentable - how to project confidence
    A lesson from those in relationships perhaps? Why do people in relationships often appear so attractive? A simple answer is their relaxed manner and apparent self assuredness (obviously helped by having a partner!) Take on these characteristics and you'll be winner! Someone who appears desperate is a sure turn off. At the same time - don't let any anxiety cause you to appear uninterested. The highest compliment you can pay someone is your undivided attention. But this may involve asking questions and yes, - listening to the answers!!

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