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Are you seeking a Christian to marry? Finding a Christian to marry should be simple in our age of enlightenment, when most of the world is finally grasping the true light! Hmm.. you saw the grammys last night didn't you? - all those secular music artists finally praising God right? And I've no doubt there are hundreds of people - eligible (or is that illegible?) single Christian men and women to choose from at your church that love God with their whole being right?

What.. no you say? OK, I'll admit it; I was perhaps a little over confident when I said all that. In fact I was pulling your leg because you - and I, know first hand that this really is not the case in 99% churches. I found it almost impossible to find someone in curch I wanted to ask out - you can forget marriage!

For twenty years I went to numerous churches, tried church hopping, traditional dating agency for Christians, went to Christian events and parties, signed up to singles groups, went to ceroc and various dance nights - all to no avail.

Eventually it dawned on me that Jesus words were true. That as Christians we are not offered the same oppotunites and comforts that the rest of the world has at it's disposal. We are not to be unequally yolked with people that don't believe in God - people who have no concerns for the things of our glorious creator and his creations.

The words of Jesus finally struck me as being a reality that as a Christian we will suffer the same as he did, lonliness, separation and all the other deprivations that go with being a real Christian. The fact is that we must be ready to die for Christ - as he did for us - but until we are faced with that - God can and will bless us in this life.

So for a while on realising this I almost lost all hope. But all hope is not lost, as we still have our God - who after all holds the entire fate of the universe in his hands - in fact He already knows the beginning from the end.

So then what must we do to gain His favor in this world and come under His blessings? You see it's not the case that He rewards us only for good deeds - he wants to lavish us with great gifts right now but sometimes we are not ready to reciece the keys to the ferrarii! (the ferrarii being a Godly husband or wife).

Get prepared for marriage to recieve the blessing of marriage

So you may have thought I was going to say things like; learn some cool lines, get some aftershave (this always helps:), or start dating, or start going to other churches, or start this or that and do X,Y,Z. Yes these are things you can do but the most important thing you need to do in order to both attract and keep a genuine Christian partner for life is to make sure you are ready so that when God hands you the keys, you don't crash and make a wreck!

So, here are some things you can do to get prepared for God to bless you with a spouse to marry. You cannot be perfect but these are some things you really can't afford to take into a Chrstian marriage and not have it affect your partner, kids and wider family, employer etc.

  • Deal with your past and present issues - anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, short-terperdness, past hurts, wrong ideilogies on lifes basics - eg. having a shortlist of must-haves in a partner etc. We need to get real in these difficult days and become the person our spouse needs and not expec everything to bend in our favour.

  • have you learned to stay cool, not be arguymentative and quarelsome, gentle, patient, kind and long suffering? You may be ready for marriage.

  • guys especially deal with you finacial debts. If you haven't got enough money to pay them and you can work - work and pay them off.

  • guys are you not working but able to? Don't expect any woman to take you on if you are not working but able -The Bible calls this worse than an unbeliever more or less. Don't worry about being a high flyer - just work hard - that's all that's required of men. If women want over and above that is theri personal issue to deal with - see bullet point one.

  • learn your Bible. If you have kids you need to be able to teach them the basic overview of the holy Bible! Not only that - it needs to be a focal point in your marriage.

  • start helping people out and giving people your time. Start giving (if you didn't already) a portion of your money to people that cannot help themselves. This should be standard practice as Christians.

  • Find a church or a group of believers and meet with them whenever possoble. You need to stay accountable to people.

Now you're ready - start looking and not before

If you can say yes to the above bullet points - i.e the basics then you may well be ready and more importnatly - eligeable to be married! If that's you then by all means join our free Christian dating site or another singles service just for Christisn. Join meetup goups and start socialising.

Start attending more church events, dances and balls and parties. Never drink alcohol when you are dating - it's always a bad idea and may God bless you in your search for a Christian husband or wife of your dreams!

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