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Fusion101's online Christian dating safety advice page has been designed to make using our online dating services safer for you and Christians in general.

The golden rules for online dating!

The most important thing to remember when meeting people online is NEVER SEND ANYONE YOU MEET ON THE NET MONEY - no matter what the reason you are given, simply reply it is agasint site rules and my account will be removed if I do (blame it on us!).

Another most important thing to do is make sure you keep your personal details like phone numiber and where you live safe until you are absolutley certain you trust the person you are meeting.

Ask lots of questions and don't give out personal information (email / home address / mobile). Start communication with Fusion101 internal email system - this means you are not giving out your real external address - ie Hotmail etc.

Free personal email accounts can easily be set up using Gamil, Yahoo, Hotmail and other free email services online. Don't communicate with anyone who attempts to pressure you into giving out your personal information.

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Get a good photo!

You must take time to get a good picture of the person you are talking to before giving out ANY personal details. Don't ever tell anyone your last name, home addy/phone - or even work information. Basicly anything that identifies you. This may seem steep but it's to protect you and whilst most people online are fine - there are always gonna be 1 or 2 people out there you need to avoid.

If someone tries to pressure you into giving out details ignore them.
Don't take anything you are told or read as gospel - always ask questions and probe (women esp politely ask as many questions as you feel you need to:)

Spotting scammers

  • Some people are just too good to be true so keep an eye out for this. They may have a 'noble profession' like a doctor, they 'help the poor'.
  • They may claim to be high earners, pilots etc and have a good story and amazing achievements to help others.
  • They may suddenly claim to need money having had a wallet stolen or for some illness for them or a relative that tugs on the heart strings - don't fall for it!
  • Look out for odd behavior/inconsistencies. Check spelling (yep - that's a giveaway for people in country A posing as someone actually from country B.
  • Go with your instincts.
  • Request photos (more than 1 as sometime people steal photos from other dating sites). If you get excuses, he or she is trying to hide something.
  • There aren't any good excuses for not sending or displaying a photo at all!
  • Discuss a persons friends and if possible ask to meet them at some point. A persons friends are a great indication of what someone's really like!
  • look up '419 scams' on Google to get really savvy about Internet scams.


Never ever - ever - ever - send money to anyone you meet online whatever reason you are given! Such requests will often be accompanied by tugs on your heart strings but don't fall for it. Report any suspect actvity to me.

Dont get intimate

Intimacy verbally or physically with someone you meet online is unwise apart from being impure in the eyes of God (He wants your marriage relationship pure and saved for the one person you marry) even if you are sure they are the one you are to marry! No intimacy before marriage! Don't fall in love at the drop of a hat - fall in love with great character - not smooth talkers or looks alone!

For the Ladies

the first time you use a phone - use a pay phone first :) A phone call will tell you a lot about a persons communication skills. Keep your number anonymous and use the conversation to find out more. Talk to their friends, family, co-workers etc. Only share your mobile or personal phone number when absolutely sure you trust the person. Don't be pressured to meet, ask to speak to the persons mother first. It's your call!:)

Be Patient

don't meet too early! One of the best things meeting some one online is you gain much more information before you meet. You are under NO obligation to meet anyone at any time.


Never drink alcohol on your first or even subsequent dates ok - got that?:)

If someone makes you feel uncomfortable - avoid them. Avoid angry people, disrespectful or rude people - people who seem frustrated or say inapropriate things.

More things to look out for...

Consistency on: interests, marital status, profession, appearance.
Someone who won't speak on the phone or won't answer direct questions. Is the person totally different from the online dating profile?
Are they happy to introduce you to friends or family - they should be:)

Meeting the first time

Don't go alone. Tell someone where you are heading. Take a friend if you want... meet in a public place, take a mobile phone and ask a friend too call halfway through to check (a good escape route also!)

Do you think you know everything about someone - think again.. this is not possible. Just keep a happy positive and open mind but expect the unexpected:)

Use your own transport. Don't allow a date to make your arrangements.

Want to get out of there?..

Just get up and go politely. Better safe than sorry. Your safety is more important than embarrassment or what someone thinks of you.

Stay calm - be cool - be friendly

Lastly - don't think dating - think friendship first - God bless you - all at 101:)

More indepth online dating safety advice on how to spot romance scammers and 419 dating scams.

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