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Real Christian singles couple married on!Do single Christians seriously need dating advice or help with relationship on dating issues? Some think they do, but other believers think courting or dating advice may be somehow trying to manipulate what God intends for us in terms of a spouse, and that we should not be trying to improve the way we deal and relate to the opposite gender!

But has this line of thinking really been thought through properly? I think not; for instance - what employer would give a job to someone that had not made some effort, searched and researched out the job on offer, made some preparation, dressed for the occasion, studied and trained for the potision and physically to the interview? Probably none. So is dating and fiding a husband or wofe different? Isn't doing nothing- no preparation or anything and letting God throw someone into your lap a bit of an insult to that wonderful person? Isn't finding treasure to be searched and studied for?..

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..but God would hardly be manipulated, and yes He will bring us a partner when He is ready - and His timing would be best undoubtedly. He may even decide for whatever reason not to bring us someone. Whatever He does - meantime we can practice our relating abilities - like any form of self improvement, so that when we do meet people we are relaxed and confident in ourselves and God - thus maximising and making the most of situations, friendships and relationships with other christias. So we think christian dating advice is important.

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To say that dating advice or help with dating is not necessary does go a little against most of the other approaches we take to life - ie when it comes to a job, learning an instrument, reading, writing, passing exams - to do it well it takes practice and patience. That's why 101 believes it's in everyones interest to have good dating adice and tips available to them in the form of books, web sites, church advisors and online counseling. Incidentally - if you are tired of services like TWOO, Tinder and other sites like them that offer an endless supply of (especially) guys looking for the wrong thing and judging purely on appearance, check out - a mobile dating site that has real Christians only that are vetted and checked!

Below is a compilation of some of the best dating advice web sites (mostly secular if you are not a Christian), tips and books we found on the Internet. We also have many of our own Christian dating articles and fun insights into the world's oldest mystery - L-O-V-E! Have fun - be brave :) - all at 101 Christiansingles

We have done our best to see that the web sites below contain useful and enlightening datinf advice. If you find any of these web sites to contain unhealthy writing or anti-christian content please let us know and we we will remove them. Thanks fusion 101 team:)

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