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Tips writing an appealing & attractive Christian personal ad

Real Christian singles couple married on!First off - let's take the following description of a person writing a personal ad about themselves:
"I enjoy meals out, walks in the country side and the cinema. I attend church regularly."

Here's a more attrrative alternative:
"I very much enjoy going out for dinner in my local town - mad on chinese food!! One of my favourite things to do is go for long walks in the countryside - be lovely to share that with someone. Another passion of mine is cinema. I love romance but if you're not in to that I can do comedy too:)"

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What kind of films do you like?

As far as church goes I attend whenever I can - I hate to miss it and love the fellowship we share in my congregation. We often arrange get-togethers and days out which are fun.
I have several other interests that I will share - drop me a line and I'll tell you more. What really excites you about life?"

Real Christian singles couple married on!Top tip: be 'up' in your answers and ask a few questions. It opens up conversation and makes it easier for someone to make a response to your profile.

People who have interests are more interesting!

Top tip: If you have interests and passions don't be shy - tell other members what you get up to!

Obviously don't go on too much about one thing - keep it varied - variety is the spice of life!

When you write - do it as if you are talking to thta person - with a smile. You want people to know that you are a responsible well adjusted individual that they would like to meet. Too serious too soon is probably not the best idea. Get to that stuff a bit later:)

Humour is a great thing.

A joke or funny short anecdote is a good thing to ad to a personal ad.

Make sure you are always honest about yourself. The truth always pops up in the end so whilst you certainly don't have to tell everyone everything - It's nice to be as straight as possible.

People like honest open people.Don't be arrogant in your personal ad - nobody likes it. People are generally attracted to simple confidence that anyone can have.

What about kids?

If you have kids you might mention them as something your passionate about. If you come across someone on the site who has kids or was once married - remember not to be too judgemental - give people a chance:)

Don't ramble on negative experiences but be honest but positive at the same time. Everyone has problems and NO-ONE has it all wrapped up!

Don't be critical or others. By the same token express your oppinions - be controversial but not heavy - great discussion is fun. Be polite, kind and assertive!

The best way to get mail is to send mail - everyone is waiting for mail so be bold and take the initiative. Gets the ball rolling.

Be sure to read other people profiles BEFORE you write. It shows you are treating that person as an individual. A personalized email will provoke a more personalized response. It shows you care.

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Our top tip for writing your ads on dating sites!

Don't try to attract people with things that YOU think they want. Invariably you will get it wrong and look insecure at best. Take your time and let the other person show their colours, likes and dislikes. Whilst many people in life ARE attracted to worldly things (hopefully not too many on here!:), we as Christians should not be looking for such people for partners. Also, it simply isn't true that most people are looking for this or that. Everyone has had different experiences and reaches different levels of maturity through those experiences. Not all guys are interested in blondes and not all women are interested in money. The fact is - most people are interested in someone who is relaxed, confident and honest. The reason for this is that these are really great attractive qualities that are quite hard to find these days. Be yourself:)

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