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Real Christian singles couple married on!The term staying positive to me has always seemed a pretty meaningless endeavour, especially if you are tryiingto do it of your own strength. However staying positive in the Word of God and his promisses is a different thing altogether and has a great point to it. With the combinations of your gifts and God's grace and love, you can endure anything!

Being built up by those around you is also a great way to feel good about yourself but it always comes down to how you feel about yourself, and sometinmes, when things are not going great, felling good about yourself can be a nightmare.

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Real Christian singles couple married on!Put your faith in God first, then your talents and gifts (not to be down played - they are god given:). Add a little or preferably a lot of passion and faith in God and your calling, and confidence will come no matter what is happening around you.

Learn to be happy and praise God when things are not going well and you can face anything - easier said than done:)

You can do all things in Christ who strengthens you!

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