Should Looks Matter to Christians?

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Beauty and looks - do they matter to a Christian from a biblical viewpoint?

Real Christian singles couple married on!It's an age-old topic that right away we can say looking at the life of Chist and what he saw as important, that the answer surely has to be no? But God invented beauty and looks and attraction and all things good right? Right! But beauty unfortunately is not only often the first natural cause of attraction, but it's sometimes seen as exclusivley what is important and makes a person attractive and that has to be wrong for Christians - hard as it is when looks and beauty are thrown at us day and night from all angles and held up as being the b-all and end-all!

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We all know looks fade and it's a cliche but true; it's what's in the heart that matters most! Often the first port of call naturally and I guess what draws people together in the first place when it comes to relationships. Physical beauty on its own though has more these days to do with trying people out for size, and not so much to do with love and commitment.

I believe we need to get the right balance back - after all we are human beings and created to physically AND spiritially AND emotionally attract each other - but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water and over-spiritualize things by denying physical beautyand it's natural purposes - to attract because after all - its one of Gods creations!

We must remember always though that the things of youth - physical beauty being one of them fade with time so look at the entire person and when you're busy sizing everybody else up - and don't forget to look at yourself - you may not be as beautiful as you think if you're not beautiful on the inside:)

Don't be silly and look only at the outside - you'll regret it later. Did you know that a large proportion of our tastes are aquired - people and things can grow on you - Remember that food you tried when young that you hated that now you love? give people time and you'll see all sorts of beauties you never knew existed!

What does the Bible says about looks and beauty?

For an interesting chapter on love - read 1 Corinithians 13 - This is what love should be about!

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