How to make good conversation
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Ever wondered how you can improve your conversation skills? Here's a few little insights into what we humans want to hear and like talking about. Just remember when using these tips, to be sincere!

the road to someone's heart!
The trick here is to find out what makes the other person enthusiastic! The road to someone's heart is to talk about the things they treasure most.. listen carefully and ask questions!

compliment (...but not flattery!)
Honestly try to find something to admire in the other person. This will be easier with some than with others, but if you look and you'll be able to find something - even if it's a simple as an attractive name! Everyone likes to be complimented and doing so will cause the other person warm to you. If you can do this you'll be amazed at how well the conversation flows! Any compliment has to be truthful though - false flattery is transparent and normally used by people who have no real interest in you. Avoid this.

good conversation without saying anything!
A friend of mine had a few things on his mind and he suggested we met for lunch. Walking round a local park we talked about past and present and I asked him a lot of questions about himself. To my surprise later on that day he commented "what an interesting person I was to talk to!" - when all I had really done was ask questions! - people like talking about themselves!

"be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise"

Our top tips for making good conversation

1) A great tip: Before you meet, find out what the other person is interested in. Do a bit of research!

If you're meeting someone for the second time, and you don't know them very well, anything you can remember that they said about themselves will be useful if the conversation needs kick starting!

3) Do as many things between now and your next meeting to ensure you'll have loads to talk about!

4) Staying up on current affairs is a must for interesting conversation -- watch the news and read the papers!

5) Give exclusive attention to the person you're talking to. Listening intently naturally pleases someone!

6) To be interesting be interested! Ask questions that lead the other person to talk about the things they enjoy or their achievements. Restrain your natural instinct to talk about yourself unless conversation runs dry. Letting the other person do the talking is always a winner! Everyone prefers talking about themselves to listening to you harp on!!

7) And finally the the best argument is no argument! Since someone has to lose an argument - you both lose!

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