Christian Friendship

Christian Friendship is very important for a healthy mind, body and spirit!
What is real Friendship?
Well.. C.S.Lewis says friends are people that are travelling in the same direction, have similar aspirations and goals and encourage each other in attaining those goals. Friends are not people that pull you down, they're not people who are jealous (though sometimes that happens). They are people who can handle your talents and gifts and help you to develop them with thoughtful advice and direction.
Genuine friendship means caring and concern and a desire to people develop - not jealousy and frustrating the other persons dreams and desires. Friendship is DOING and not just TALKING. Friendship doesn't always expect something in return. Friendship is critisising only to build up the other party - there is such a thing as positive critisism and as a friend you should be able to accept this kind of help.

How do you Recognise True Friendship?
Friends become so because they recognise similar desires and personality traits in the other person. It's like looking into a mirror - only the reflection is not complete since nobody is completely alike. That's why friends can sometimes share such a strong bond. Especially if they've shared a traumatic or tumultuous experience together. Like old army comraides or school pals.. it's not that you are exactly alike in personality (though that can bring people together) - it's that you shared something together something that profoundly affected you - like a love of a particular type of music or even a football team. You are united in your oursuits or perhaps your past.

Friendship forever?
Friends sometimes grow apart too - and since friends (in the friendship sence) do not share the same kind of love as lovers do, this is very natural and happens simply because lives and circumstances change.

True Christian Friendship = Accountability & Trust
A true Friendship is had with someone you can trust. Someone you can be accountable with and someone who will not take personal issues outside your friendship. This can be called trust. Trust is the most important factor in any friendship and once broken, its hard to get back to where you started and involves forgiveness - another 'must' in Christian friendship. Unfortunately humans have a tendency to gossip so go easy when telling a new Christian friend all your personal stuff. If it doesnt come back to yu then they can be trusted. First Samuel 20 talks about the friendship of David and Jonathan. These two men cared deeply for each other and trusted and confided in one another. David was running for his life from Jonathan's father Saul but Jonathan recognized David was innocent. Because of their true friendship, David survived Saul's assassination and became Israel's great king.

True Christian Friendship = Time
Friendship involves giving time. Time in this part of the world believe it or not is our most valuable commodity - not money. Giving time = sacrifice and true Christian friendship involves giving some of it away and being generous with it.

True Christian Friendship = Forgiveness
Your friends won't always be your favourites - they will sometimes get on your nerves and you may even wonder why you became friends in the first place - but a true friend will forgive and nurture the relationship.

True Christian Friendship in The Bible
In Genesis 18:17-33 you can read about how God is sharing His intentions with Abraham. The reason God and Abraham are able to do this is because they trust and respect each other. Abraham responds by telling God all his thoughts and feelings about this situation he's in.

Jesus give us this example of Friendship.
(John 18) Peter is afraid for his life after Jesus is led away from the Garden of Gethsemane and denies knowing Jesus. As He is led away, Jesus casts a look toward Peter that says, "I knew you would deny Me, and I forgive you" (John 21).

True Christian Friendship means nothing in return.
Genuine friendship loves not only for what it gets in return. Real friendship looks at the heart, not just package. Genuine Christian friendship overlooks faults and loves unconditionally.

True Christian Friendship Speaks the Truth!
Genuine Christian friendship also means being truthful even if it may hurt (be sensitive - nobodies perfect!) Jesus calls us His friends and laid down His life for us (John 15).

True Christian Friendship is a sign to others of God's presence
Genuine Christian friendship will affect the people around you who will see how you love and care for each other unconditionally!

Are you looking for Christian Friendship?
True Christian friendship can be found at church and online using one of the many Christian friendship services that have appeared in the last few years.

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