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The Internet has literally 100's of online Christian dating services that all naturally claim to be the best dating sites on the planet!:) If however you are looking to meet non-Christians, or religion isn't an issue for you, then you're be best off joining one of the many secular dating sites because secular sites are some of the biggest purley in terms of numbers of singles. If you are Chrstian however you will find most of the 'Christians' on the secular sites are in fact nominal (by birth only) and not genuine born again Christians!

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For Christians however, whilst some of these sites are big in terms of non-Christian members... people who have signed up at one time (you will actually find most Christians will probably join one or two of them since their markrting is so good:) - after a short while they realise that the site is in fact not a cheap dating service at all or geared or tailored to the Christian's needs. They are really cashing in on the fact there is a huge number of Christian singles out there with cash in hand looking for a soulmate and with big advertising budgets can trap them in a miraid of ways when they search on the web.

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The result is that the Christian sites - whilst they have a tenth of the advertising budget of most secular sites, do in fact have 1000's more Christians on them and Christian websites are definitely the cheapest dating services out there. So big - especially in this case is not always better!! Ask christian friends which sites they use and they will say - "fusion101.com" "www.chistiancafe.com" "www.singleC.com".

The next thing to decide is how much to pay for love since most - for perfectly good reasons ask for a joining fee - some an ongoing cheap monthly payment to use their services. Most but NOT ALL free sites are sites lot particularly good, however I have come across a few cracking free penpals sites that seem to be teaming with members!

I have actually at one time or other signed up to nearly all the sites out there for Christians. Whilst some really are great - others may not be the best but are perhaps cheaper to use. Some of the 'best' sites are not always the easiest to use so it's best sign up to see for yourself what suits your tastes, pocket and the standards you expect personally from an online Christian dating service or agency.

Here are the Christian singles sites that I reckon to be some of the best. I have joind and tried these sites out at one point of another. Moat have 5-10 day or so free trials so you can try them out without paying. If you wish to continue using them though you will probably be asked to pay a subscription fee.

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Online dating, love and romance - at Canoodle.me.uk
URL: www.canoodle.me.uk: Find your perfect date today, at Canoodle's online dating service for people looking for love, romance, friendship or just a good time!

101 Christian Dating services - 280,000 picture personals members online internationally! - this is our very own creation and it's the cheapest datind site on the Internet. We like the fact that we are an extremely simple (we hope) yet really effective dating service (with chat & forums). We don't have the bells and whistles of some sites but we sure have 1000's members!

Fusion25 Plus single Christians - a UK single Christian group in the Midlands that covers the West and surrounding areas. Best value for money, no crazy joining fees - just the opportunity of meeting loads of great Christian singles in the West Midlands!

www.eharmony.com - eharmony is an expensive but unique way to go about Christian matchmaking or dating srvices, it works by basing matches on an extensive series of questions - it may be pricey but by all accounts - apparently well run!

Christian Connection Matchmaker - CCMatchmaker is part of a large secular singles and daing company. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

101 freeChristianDatingservice.com - a resource website for single Christians looking for dates, dating advice services, love, romance tips and general help and information on dating.

A Singles Christian Network - another pay as you go ating site with singles chat, forums, and e-cards. Give this one a try as it claims to have 30,000+ members.

Free Christian dating sites? You may be looking only for totally free dating sites. We have travelled all over the web and found the few places where you can meat for free that exist. Some sites are good, some not the best but all worth a look to save some cash! Coming soon to 101!

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