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Real Christian singles couple married on!MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, Frienster, Xanga... what have all these web sites got in common? Well they are the latest generation of websites deigned to meet people, share ideas, friends, photos, videos and just about anything you can think of with other people online and what have been dubbed as 'social networking sites'. On this page you can find websites for Christian social networking and social events.

Join Free Christian Social Networking >> - the world's best loved top social network for Christians! is a 100% free Christian social networking site and Christian facebook alternative - a social network for christians!

MySpace alternative site for Christians to be creative

Want to express your tastes in music, favourite Christian Bible verses or just rant on about something youre passionate about? Join - it's the 100% free Christian space for creating your own virtual world online and connecting and meeting other Christians while you do it!

Christian MySpace alternative website - a My Space for Christians >>

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Christian YouTube Video Share Network site is a totally free Christian video sharing network service and website that allows Christians everywhere to add, edit and share Christian videos, video sermons, events, parties, home videos, make Christian friends, holiday snaps, howto advice videos as many other types of videos that are of general use to Christians. Create a free video sharing account and start making friends and video sharing with other Christians now! Christian 'you tube' alternatives? - try video share site

These sites started off as small networks of school friends or college grads just keeping iin touch with their pals and have ended up spawning some of the most massive and highly trafficed websites on the entire Internet - MySpce recently being billed as THE most visited and used 'friendster' on the web.

Are there any good Christian alternatives? You bet. As with all enterprising websters the Christians are a little late but neverthe less have come up with their own versions of these sites - mainly because much of the content on the secular my space type sites is well.. pretty much X-rated and borders on soft pornography.
Yep - people are uploading everything you'd imagine from college kids in the form of vidoes, photos, pary antics - xrated comedy sketches the lot. Hence the felt need by Christians to create 'clean' versions of the same thing. Here's a few Christian myspace, hi5, bebo, facebook alternatives for Christians and face party friendster alternatives to go:

Christian Singles and My Space Alternative networker site - christian layouts
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