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Real Christian singles couple married on!Single? Need some encouragement? - right... you've tried church hopping (a terrible and stressful practice), you've tried going to as many parties as you can. You've tried days out with your friends and friends or friends, you've tried... well in fact you've tried about everything known to single Christians in the search for new friends and dare we say it - a Christian partner. You don't want to enetertain the idea of dating non-Christians for certain, so just what can single Christians do to help themselves in todays utterly secular work where everything seems set up for people who take the easy road?

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Did you know that with the Internet you can actually meet a Christian wife without all the heartache. In the old days things were - shall we say easier. Communities were the norm - all the elegable people didnt flee to the cities in search of love like they do now leaving masses of people isolated. I for one nearly gave up on finding a Christian soulmate forever and in fact, it gave me the drive to set up Fusion Christian singles to help out Christians everywhere.

Real Christian singles couple married on!To give them hope in the sometimes pretty hopeless singles scene. And thankfully it has achieved just this. 100's of friendships have developed into Christian marriages and partnerships - people that seek singles in the church can now find them easily! You were never alone actually - its just us singles are spread out and church singles need to meet mix and match more - which they ccan now do via the Internet.

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If you've tried other 'free' single Christian dating agencies or services you MUST try ours - not just because its FREE but because we are one a small number of dating sites that is actually owned and run by Christians that is not designed to empty your pockets!:) No trials - no 10 day 'gos' - just sign up and away you go until you meet that special someone.

We have various ways to communicate at the level and speed you want. Christian chat - Instant messaging and many other services including Christian singles events!

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