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Myspace is a website that allows people to connect, write about themselves and add photos, music and videos of their favourite bands and more recently topics - or even their own band. It's kind of a self promotion service as well as a 'friendster' sociasl networking site where you can meet new friends and people into the things you like..

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What about a service like this just for Christians? Well - there are mow dozens of Christian friendship sites and friendster type websites, facebook or myspace alternatives for meeting new Christian friends on the Internet with a sharp recent increase specializing in just being a social networking serivice.

Christian MySpace alternative site - be creative!
Christian Myspace alternative website for Christians online looking for a my space alternative to express themselves! is the place for creating your own personal free Christian space online and meeting new Christians!
Christian alternative version of myspace

So where is it that can you look to find alternative to myspace web sites and services like Bebo, Facebook, Facepic, MSN Spaces Live or Xanga that only deal with Christian content and friendship? Well.. here's the Christian networking sites that we managed to pull off the Internet - plus some articles along the same lines.

Also on the footer of this web page are some links to Christian blog sites and general blogging web services too. If you want to try some of the secular social network services online - see below. Also note the one or two Christian my space alternatives and 'my Christian friend' type services - have fun and be safe online:) - Christian Myspace alternative article
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Secular Friendship Networks Online to Try:
Some social netwoking sites you may or may not have heard of. The number or figure next to each service indicates the estimated number of members at the time or writing the webpage.

43 Things. This offers tagging and has 630000 members.
ActiveRain is a site for real estate professionals 5300.
AIM Pages uses AOL Instant Messenger.
Adoos is a Latin America Spain classifieds and personals serice with 1000000 + members.
aSmallWorld - for European jet set social elite 150000 (invite only) African-Americans 18000000
Babbello Australian teenagers 30000
Bebo Schools and colleges 22000000
Blue Dot General 80000
Blurty Blogs based on LiveJournal 947177
Bolt General (music and video) 5000000
CarDomain a netwoking site for car enthusiasts 1650000
Care2 a networking site for Green living activism 6900000 School college military work 4000,000
Tu van xin viec career dev Vietnamese college students forum 637000 Estonia 40000 (Invite only)
Consumating "Consumeetings" 23000
Cyworld South Korea 16000000
Dandelife collective narratives and biographies Open
DeadJournal Dark blogs based on LiveJournal 490310 invite or pay mobile based service
Doostang Careers 53000 Invite only
DowneLink LGBT
Ecademy Business 100000 Latvia 731652 Invite only
Facebook college networking site 13000000
Facebox General 1046696
Faceparty British teens and 20-somethings 5900000 Open
Frühstückstreff General 10100
Flickr Photo sharing 2500000
Friendster General 29100000
Gaia Online General 5000000
Gazzag general social netwok service
GoPets Virtual pets 400000
GreatestJournal Uses LiveJournal code 1514865 Poland 830000 Invite only
Hi5 General 50000000
Hyves focus on students Dutch 2312000
imeem Instant messaging
IMVU 3D chat software 1000000
IRC-Galleria Finland 350000
iWiW Hungary 1235000
Joga Bonito Football soccer netwoking site
LinkedIn Business 8500000 Music networking site
LiveJournal Blogging 10921500
LunarStorm Sweden 1200000
MEETin General networker service 50000 Latinos 4000000
Mixi Japan 6000000 Inviteonly
MOG Music network site
Multiply Real world relationships 3000000
myGamma Cell phones 1300000 Open
MySpace worlds largest networking site 130000000 Open
myYearbook General 950000 Open
Neurona Spanish businesses Italy 690000
orkut Owned by Google 33729146
Passado General (business) 4700000
Nexopia Canada 866000 Open
Piczo Teenagers Canadians photo sharing 10000000 Open
Playahead Swedish teenagers 2000000 Open
ProfileHeaven British teens 100000 Open
Rediff Connexions India 1400000 Open Locating friends and family 25000000 Open
Ruckus Music 300000 College students only
Ryze Business 250000 Open
Sconex American high schools 500000 Open
Studivz University students mostly German speaking 1000000 Open
Studybreakers High school students 34000 Open
Stumbleupon Websurfing 1200000 Open
TagWorld General tagging 1850692 Open
TakingITGlobal Social action 116000 Open
The Student Center Teens and colleges 800000 Open
Threadless General 364474 Open
Tribe General 554993 Open
Vampire Freaks Gothic industrial culture 650000 Open
VietSpace Vietnamese 20000 Open
Vox Blogging Unknown Open
WAYN Travel & Lifestyle 7000000 Open to people 18 and older
WebBiographies Genealogy Biography 3500 Open
Windows Live Spaces blogging (was MSN Spaces) 30000000 Open
Xanga Blogs and "metro" areas 40,000,000 Open
Xuqa Colleges 1000000 Open
XING Business 1000000 Open
Yahoo! 360° - Linked to Yahoo! and Zaadz

We want to help people make photos available to the people
To do this, we want to get photos into and out of the system in as many ways as we can: from the web, from mobile devices, from the users' home computers and from whatever software they are using to manage their photos. And we want to be able to push them out in as many ways as possible: on the Flickr website, in RSS feeds, by email, by posting to outside blogs or ways we haven't thought of yet. What else are we going to use those smart refrigerators for?
Website information: - photo share website

Hi5 Social Network Website
What they say: What is hi5? - hi5 is an online environment for meeting new people, connecting with friends, and sharing ideas. We noticed that online services have become overly specialized. For example, many services focus on a singular purpose such as dating, connecting classmates, or organizing by interest groups. But, people are social beings and don’t like being forced into separate buckets for different things. So hi5 has understood that need and taken a more broad approach, we want to make the Internet more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. For a hi5 member, purpose can evolve over time and expand in unexpected directions – from reconnecting with old friends, just casually meeting new friends, or to finding someone that you might want to date.
W ebsite information:

About Friendster website
With more than twenty seven million members, Friendster is one of the best ways to stay in touch with friends and the fastest way to discover people and things that matter to you most. Head-quartered in the Bay Area.. Friendster aims to make the world a smaller place by bringing the power of social networking to every aspect of life, one friend at a time. Entrepreneur Jonathan Abrams founded Friendster in 2002. The company is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Benchmark Capital, Battery Ventures, and individual investors. Website informtation: - meet friends online

Mooble Social Network
This social network site is super cool to look at - the content as with most of these secular frienster style sites is sometimes less than Christian but you may have some fun on here.
Website informtation:

Facebook Social Network
Facebook’s website is very much like the myspace website in terms of functionality and has grown to over 7 million people and, according to com Score, ranks as the seventh most highly trafficked web site in the United States. People with a valid email address from a supported college or high school can register for Facebook and create a profile to share information, photos, and interests with their friends. Facebook website is a social network that enabling people to share information. Launched February 2004 - Facebook helps people better understand their world by giving them access to the information that is most relevant to them.
Website information: - about - social networking sites article - friendster website, schools, colleges,
What they say:
Bebo has joined forces with Skype. We now offer an integrated IM client and free voice calls giving you more ways to communicate with other Beboers.
School/College Students and Alumni

  • Search for friends
  • Browse member homepages
  • Learn more about people you see every day
  • Message others privately
  • Write and Draw on other people's White Boards
  • Join 'Clubs'
  • See events and parties on the calendar
  • Keep in contact with friends at other Schools/Colleges
  • Waste time and avoid doing any real work

Great Features
Everyone can use Bebo to stay in contact with their direct friends.
Share photos privately or publicly
Create quizzes about yourself
Start your own Blog
Learn more about your friends
Use of the service is free, try it and your life will be oh so changed and revitalised. Ok, maybe not, but let's pretend.

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