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Real Christian singles couple married on!Internet blogging - writing online about anything and everything you care about - has been a craze since the mid 90's. Blog websites for Christian and for secular Internet users have been around for some time. And what is blogging you may well ask?.. well a blog site is a place on the web that is like having your own house online in the form of a homepage that anyone can access - it's open to the public. It's a place where you keep a web-log - hence the term 'blog', 'blogging' or 'blogger' site.

Yes - the first time I heard I too thought how mundane but in actual fact - some of these personal home pages have become some of the most visited sites on the Internet because they not only contain the mundane - they also contain very specific insights into people knowledge and beliefs making them a bit like reality TV - fascinating!

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On you own personal blog page you can write what you did today, what you ate, who you saw, what your hopes and dreams are, what your beliefs are. You can even ask people to leave comments about your blog page!

If you are a Christian, you probably want a blog site just for Christians. Well - it just so happens that several budding web site designers out there have built a site for you! To find specifically some of the best Christian blog sites, graphics, text, Christian myspace webpage codes and Christian banners to put on your site, check out the Christian websites we found below. Some of these sites and services are great for the Christian community to spread their views and beliefs too so get blogging!

Most polpular Christian blogs

Below is a list of some popular Christian blogs compiled from various websites I found whislt searching on the Interent. So how do you know which Christian blogs are the most popular?.. it's difficult to tell without proper stats from each web site but these are definitely cool sites that can be classed as highly visited. Check out some of these personal Christian blog websites

101ChristianSocialNetworks member Christian blogs

In Between Naps - Christian blogs
Amy Welborn's online Christian blog pages and writtings. Provocative, informative and a great thinker - a Christian blog that is a must read!

Sacra Doctrina - Christian Blog web site
An amazing site put together by Blogger Joel Garver who is a professor of Philosophy. The site not only looks good but contains some great theology and philosophy written with inimitable style - and Christian too!

Ladydusk online Blog site
Great online Christian blog diary site
Christian ideas, cocerns, beliefs and more - a cut above the norm when it comes to blogs written by Christians. This is written from a reformed perspective and covers a wide variety of Christian issues.

Beautiful Feet - Christian Blog website
An online diary of presytarian grad student Rick Capezza - a great read!

Presbyterian Christian Blogs
No ordinary blog this one... a blog of super quality from Presbytarian pastor Mark Horne. A fresh mix of feflection, his theology and ideas and an online personal diary. Deep writtings and thought on Christian life and church.

The Catholic Lovers blog site
A celebration of goodness, truth beauty and love. The online Christian bloggers giode to all things love. Very nice site!

Andrew Sullivan - the best of Christian blogs
This guy gets no less that 40,000 visits in an average day so that says something about this Christian blog site to start! Funny, interetsing, relevant, on the button politics - a fantastic blog if ever we saw one.

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