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Real Christian singles couple married on!Ever been to a properly organised Christian ball?... I've been to several in London and I have to say they were great fun! It's a chance to get all dressed up and test out your Sean Connery impression with the ladies. Funniliy enough - the last time I went to a Christian ball, I put on a white tux and my brother just as I was leaving commented that I looked like James Bond. As I came out of the front door I looked across the road and saw an old guy in a scruffy tracksuit - like he'd been for a jog or something.. only to realise when I looked harder that it was the man himself - Sean Connery!! - True story. Needless to say when he looked at me I felt a bit daft haha. Well God works in mysterious ways and certainly has a sense of humour.

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But anyway.. Christian balls - are there any happening at the moment? well I know of a couple that have happened in the last year or so but I beleive there are one or two organisations set up or being set up that intend to do them on a regular basis. If you know of any Christian ball organisers or balls for Christians that are coming up.. do let us know abou them as we can post them here for 101 members to see.

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