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Real Christian singles couple married on!The business of matchmaking commercially services dates right back to the war.. and of course in families and cultures as a whole, it's been a natural part of society on a day-to-day basis - whereby sister sets up so-and-so witth the brother of so-and-so. Matchmaking has always existed! In the old days, everyone in your community was matchmaking.

Matchmaking & different cultures

In the western world however in modern times, matchmaking services have until recently always been seen as a last resort - only really reserved for those 'sad' people who for one reason or another, seem unable to mingle and match like 'normal' folk - and need some extra help.

Of course the problem of the stigm actually llies with those who won't use a matchmaker because they are worried about 'what people will think of them' - often leaving the person who has thrown in the towel and accepted a bit of help - hitched and happy!

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Interestingly in many cultures (where people are less image councious and in some ways more marure or philosophical) matchmaking is seen as a great and integral part of life - a business or ministry that is seen as a noble and necessary one. Of course many cultures practice arraneged marriages which at forst glance is an excellent idea and carried many positives - especially as parents are likely in most cases to want the best for their children.

The negatives of course being that people often don't get married off to people who are compatible since the partners or at least one of them - isn't attracted on a physical level and so the relationships can break down like any other. But for sure - the thinking behind arranged marriages is a good one.

Under pressure

Today - the most common cause of illness doctors agree - is stress. We all now how stressful it can be at times when we long for a partner, a helper - someone to be with when things get tough. Todays society, like never in history, is fraught with stresss - everything needs to be sorted yesterday - including or marriage partner, or careers, the way we look, dress. While these things have always been around since the year dot.. most people agree that the pace of life today is actually detrimental to health and happiness. We are also of course bombarded by advertisements telling how we can be less stressed, why we're not happy etc etc - often only leading to more stress!

Professional matchmaker services

Hail the arrival of many of the modern prfessional matchmaker services that cater for people who just don't have the time - and hence the stigma at last is beginning to wear off. Just look at how cool companies like or look! These services are no longer stuffy, outmoded organisations but designed for modern societies.

Breaking into & starting a matchmaking or dating service

It's many people dream to get into matchmaking and it is possible. But you're gonna need a lot of elbow grease - if not a serious knowledge of the Internet in terms of marketing and failing that -lots of money to pay someone else to build and market your service - or, a very niche market. If you have these things - you can do it.

Matchmaking agencies used to be run from offices and homes with a few hundered people on the books - nowdays your're looking at thousands of people. If you're a hard worker though and you cave some cash - anythings possible - sonce not even the big boys have it sown up. Just look at how search engines come and go!

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