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Real Christian singles couple married on!There are loads of sites out there for the masses but what about dating sites for Christians? You don't want to date non-Christians for sure. is a Christian only dating wesbsite designed just for single male and female Christians looking for friends, life-partners, dates and ultimately a Christian wife or husband. Select from many single Christian profiles from all over the world, USA, England, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.

Dating using online services can be great fun and such a simple way to meet new friends or a potential partner. I realised this straight away five years ago after signing up to a dating service for Christians and talking to a girl in minutes on the phone! I just couldn't belive how simple it was - so much so that I wanted to create my own Christian dating service to help my immediate friends who were forever complaining about not meeting any new freidns or faces at church.

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Real Christian singles couple married on!The people they did meet - well - it was kind of awkward to ask them out even just as a friend. "you feel like the whole church is watching" (commonly known as the goldfish bowl effect!:) Well there' no excuse any more. Many of my friends somehwhat reluctantly at first signed up to Fusion Christian friends service and ended up meeting people. In one family there have been TWO success stories on Fusion and one Fusion baby!!!

Some people granted find it easy to find dates - dating is easy for them. But for the majority of Christians - espacially girls and women - it isn't. You have to sit there and wait for a guy with enough guts to make the fist move. And he's not enthralled by the idea of all his mates knowing that "so-and-so asked so-and-so out". He ideally wants to keep it low key and so does she - you know, just see how it goes, talk, chat, get to know each other without any pressure. But invariably it's out before you even knew you were sposed to be dating someone!

No more excuses - it's easy!

OK - so no more excuses about feeling insecure about asking somebody out - now it's easy. And this isn't an invitation to 'go through them all' and see which one fits - courting one person is a great way to go (in fact we're not sure why 'dating' has taken on such bad overtones - in the dictionary it's in black and white - dating IS courting!). Meeting someone casually as friends is the way to go and now Christians all over the planet don't have an excuse:)!

Fusion offers you the perfect way to meet people. It's like going to a party and seeing 30 folk there. Only you don't have to jump in am impress anyone - you can take your time and see how things develop naturally. See who responds to your profile - who likes the kind of things you're into.

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