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Christian singles couple on Fusion101.com!Fusion101.com is free for the simple reason that we are passionate about making it easy for Christians in general to meet new people. This is because we are tired of hearing that nothing is being done in the church for single Christians and we wanted to do something about it - Fusion!

If you are fed up with not meeting any new single Christian friends in the church, or your married or dating friends are too busy - or you want to do something about it yourself, feel free to sign up to our totally free service. We GUARANTEE not to pass on your details to any third parties or other members - your information is purely for YOU ALONE to give out when you are ready. Your privacy is paramount at Fuison101.com singles.

Join 101 Christian singles dating service FREE Christian dating!

All you do is search through our thousands of attractive single men and womens profiles and contat only those you are interested in at your leisure! It's so simple you don't net to be a computer geek to use our system - it's all self explanitory and anyhow - you can talk to us if you have a query or problem. Wishing you all the best in Jesus Christ - 101 Team.

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