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What about dating sites for Christians that are free - are they really any good?

Real Christian singles couple married on!Free dating sites are all over the web so there is no shortage of dating services you can join without paying. So how do they make their money might be a good question?.. well, if not with extra charges for extra features then probably by using some kind of advertising model whereby they advertise other services and websites a (and related web ads) on their dating site. This article is going to see some services that offer Christian dating for free reviewed, and how they rank with secular sites.

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Downfalls of free dating services review

One of the main problems with free dating services generally is that like most service owners are not interested ni keeping their sites spammer free since more spammers = more emails to other members = more returning visitors to pick up their mail and hence more advertising clicks and therefore more site revenue! There are a small handful of sites though (probably 90% of which are in the Christuan singles market - that do care - so look out for Christian owned free dating services.

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Downfalls of onlne dating services in general

Another problem with dating services generally is that you find an alarming number of intimacy motivated members and profiles containing 'too much' information - take myspace for instance and you will see there are no holes barred in terms of what is allowed and what isnt and often on dating sites this is compunded since the people on them have specifically targetted dating sites to use for this very purpose.

Recommended free sites for Christians reviewed

Obviously our on site as we take spam very serioulsy and we are Christians (unlike and many others that are not owned or run by Christians - just take a look at the other sites they run!) - is 99% spammer free as we vet and monitor all profiles before and during membership! Join above. - seems to be a good choice for Christians.

Secular free dating sites that Christians might consider

There are not many good ones in terms of finding people that are not just out for you know what, but here are two that I have heard reasonable reports from people I know that have used them. - I know a Christian that has recommended this site to me. - now this site has great functionality but a lot of the members are on their for reaons less than Christian. However - I still have heard you can find Christains on there so give it a try.

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