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Real Christian singles couple married on!Where can you find a group for Christian singles in your local area? Wel... below you will find some of the best resources to locate Christian social networks, fellowship groups, meetup groups and social events and gatherings, for christian singles to meet other people who share your age, interests, hobbies or denomination. Or perhaps you are just looking for Christian friends or a more serious relationship that will lead to marriage - either way the best way to start is with social events and get-togethers either at churcvh or by using other avenues such as the Internet to make a Christian connection with other singles in your area.

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Listed here are the Christian singles groups that we coud find on the Internet.. set up to help Christians in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other cities and countries. You shouldn't have a problem once you've found a group since there are so many these days - some churches admittedly have it more sorted out than others. Have fun in your search - all at

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Try - this site is amazing in terms of meeting people locally! - search "Christian singles groups" and then add your 'location/region' to the search and click 'Search'. Rememeber to use the country specific seeach engine!
Do the same as above - search for 'Christian singles groups' and then append your country and state or county after in the serach box to find Christian social events and happenings near you.

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