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Real Christian singles couple married on! is the No.1 singles service for meeting Catholic singles for dating, love, friendships and relationships in an instant. We have been committed to bringing single Christians together for 6 years via the Internet and it really works!!! Since 1999 101 Catholic singles has made it easy to meeet thousands of Catholics who might not have been able to meet, so what are you waiting for - come on in and join us - it's completely free - no free trial - no credit card needed and no charge ever!!

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Don't be fooled by sites and services that claim to be Christian ...Join a real Catholic singles community! You're at Fusion because your faith is the most important thing to you, and you want to share that with someone special who shares your beliefs!

It's the most important criteria when looking for friends or even a soulmate and as Fusion has more Christian singles than anyone we are the best choice for finding that special someone to be your friend or lifetime partner. We are a wholly owned Christian company that wishes to emrace all denominations and is committed to the needs of the single Christian man or woman of today. Even if you are just looking for fellowship, Fusion Catholic Singles can help meet your needs - so sign up with our 1-2-3 one minute questionare:)

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Unlike most dating sites or services, we respect our members privacy completely. Unregistered members are not allowed to see other membes or to send email and when they do join - correspond with using our state of the art but simple to use 101 email system. You NEVER have to give out private details or email addressess! ALL personal data you provide is stored on secure servers!

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You can be meeting single Catholics for FREE with NO commitment to staying with us. All the best - have fun:)

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