Should I Date a Christian Outside my Denomination?

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Should you date Christians from other denominations?

Real Christian singles couple married on!This is an interesting question that is asked by many Christians around the globe. Here's our take on the issue. We know of no scriptural reference that says you shouldn't date someone outside your Christian denomination since denominations hadn't even come about in Bible times, but there are practical considerations you should consider.

Some people consider speaking in tongues a sign of true Christians or at least that it is necessary to truly be in with God! This of course is nonsense (how would someone who couldnt speak get to heaven!) and this kind of belief may hinder two Christians enjoying a deep connection and so hinder the relationship.

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Also - things that are small when you start out can become big issues after marriage. Watch out for money issues, families and debt before getting into a marriage - all real things to consider!

Just as people embrace different worship styles, Christian education of children is another important subject to think about. There is a good deal of variety in teaching among denominations and these should be discussed and embraced or the differences accepted.

Denominations are just like people - they are all different and in many ways rightly so - you would never want everyone to be the same - worship the same and just be carbon copies of each other. So with churches this wouldnt be healthy. Just as long as each denomination makes Jesus the rock on which the churcj is built you can't go wrong.

All the best - 101 Team.

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