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Real Christian singles couple married on Fusion101.com!There are absolutely dozens of dating sites out there, but there are very few unbiased reviews. Now, you are expecting me to say that our dating site (www.fusion101.com) is the best dating site there ever was? Well we're not going to say that because functionally, that would not be true, as many sites have far more $$$ behind them and are sometimes functionally better however - if you are looking to meet real and genuine Christians - then we do recommend our site above others as we have your best interest at heart - plus - we are Christians!

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Many large sites finance 'dating site review' websites that look independednt and place themselves at the top!

Unknown to Internet users, many of the reviews of dating sites (and other product reviews for that matter) are actually written by the owners of the reviewed sites themselves, but made to look independant!! - Cheeky but this is how the big sites often operate to get their hits. Fair play?... yes and no as it doesn't give some of the smaller dating sites which may sometimes be more effective for certain niche markets, and may have more members a chance to be seen.

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The big players (Dating Direct, Match.com, U-Date etc - take a look at some of these) have the big money and resources and will try different techniques to undercut the competition. Many of which would cause problems if they were noticed by the search engines - who try in the main to give sites a fair chance.

Another technique for increasing web traffic is to join up with other sites to create a mirad of review sites that link to theirs - generally containing loads of information with links that take you to their web site. So the result is you will come across many sites that say they are sites for Christian singles, when in fact they are just a customisd front page that leads directly into their secular dating website. But you should be able to assess what's going on by reading the small print.

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Here are services that feature several comparison charts of the best known dating sites, paid and free dating sites, secular and Christian, features and costs. Most of the dating sites on the net are pay sites and to a certain extent you do get what you pay for. But there are one or two (us!) that are in it not just make a buck! Click below for our dating site reviews. For dating site reviews and recommended services see:

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This is a dating site aimed just at Christian singles - and whilst functionally we are not the best site out there, we are a completely free dating service that has literally 1000's of active members (we have more UK Christian Singles than any other site with USA, Canada, Australia and NZ doing well also) AND - whilst we don't claim to have the millions of members of other sites, ask the question how many profiles can one person view anyway before you part with your cash. We have managed with hard work to gain the largest UK Christian singles membership on any web site so give the big secular sites a spin but also us:)

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There are other good sites like ChristianMingle - not a Christian owned site but great features and lots of members - this is a quality pay service. One service we don't recomend is BigChurch.com - this is owned by Friendfiner who also have all sorts of suspect personals 'friendfinder' sites among many odd services. They also claim to have far more Christian members than they actually have - check this out for yourself ok - don't just take our word for it.

ChristianCafe.com is also another good one, but be aware 95% of 'Christian' singles dating services are not Christian owned or run - that doesnt make them bad - we just want you to know.

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