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Date tips for guys on a dinner date!

Real Christian singles couple married on!Gosh - that heading sounds a little patronising doesn't it - but it's not meant to! I just want to throw a few ideas out there to help you guys who are not quite as confident when it comes to taking a lady out as perhaps you could be - so that you don't fail to make a great impression on a lady at the dinner table!

The fact is, great table manners are very important when for dating single men. If you want to make a good impression on your date, practice proper dining etiquette. Just the opposite - and if you really want to turn off your date just practice bad table manners. OK let's get on with the ideas.

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Top tips for guys taking a lady out to dinner...

Here are some important tips on proper dating table manners:

  • If your date has some leftover food that you would like to eat - don't reach over with your fork and start eating it off her plate - ask your waiter or waitress for an extra plate!

  • Don't let your waiter or waitress remove YOUR plate until your date is finished eating.

  • Got something stuck between your teeth? Don't cover your mouth with one hand and use the other hand to try and dislodge whatever is stuck in your teeth. Just excuse yourself from the table and go to the bathroom and sort out your problem.

  • If your date is still eating and you've finished eating, don't push your plate out of the way. Wait until your date is finished eating before you push your plate back.

  • While you are talking, don't wave your knife and fork s in the air. You are there to eat not to conduct the philharmonic!
  • Don't talk when your mouth is full. Nothing is worse to watch.
  • If you discover that your cutlery is dirty just get your waiter or waitress to replace it.

  • Eat quietly and don't make any embarrassing noises.

  • If you notice that your date has some food stuck between her teeth Just tell her quietly. This is the proper thing to do.

OK - as you can see guys - its soooo simple;)!!! Good luck!

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