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A search on Google for Christian Sites produces no less than 705,000,000 results! These are not all of course individual websites but pages within Christian website - ie content pages that contain Christian information on them. But it's still a lot of web pages! That's why making a decent search engine is a tough business and Google have done the best job imaginable, and now are adding more and more services as they move forward.

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Fusion101 - unlike may Christian portals and Christian web directories, does not seek to list every single christian site on the Internet - as with a standard Christian Directory, but rather list only the 101 sites that it thinks are great websites that you can easily find the services and information that you want and is going to be REALLY USEFUL.

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Many of the best Christian web sites are home made and many of the worse are made buy rich Christian organisations that are just looking for Christians to pass through their particular web site onto another web site or their choice. The point is we don't want to list all sites cos then there would be no reason for you to revist this site since you would think of it as just being full of unuseable 'junk' sites!

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101ChristianNetworks - the network that owns Fusion101 offers a complete Christian resource site as well as singles services and social networking sites! Revisist this web site in a few months and you will find a complete directory of the best Christian sites and web services available. We don't care if the site is home made - so long as it contains Christina information of the highest quality and standard.


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