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101 Surefire ways and places for single Christians to successfully get together 4 meeting singles - mixers and matchmakers

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So where is the best place to meet single guys and girls who share your faith??? Where do single christisns actually go to meet other singles beit by design or by accident? The answer is stranger than fiction.... everywhere!

We've made a list of places (and eventually we hope to reach 101 places!) where you are likely to meet single christian people.

There are in fact 100's and 100's of places where you can meet Christian singles... it just takes a little bit of positive thought and a few innovative ideas to find the best ones. Believe it or not single Christians make up quite a large chunk of the US, Canadian, Australian and UK population so you shouldn't have to go too far to find them.

OK - lets look at a few...

Baseball Games -
Yes - it's official - single Christians do attend baseball games - go and cheer your favourite team and get chatting to the people around you - be bold and fearless - ask someone on a date!

The Internet
There are dozens and dozens of single Christian services on the web that have loads of members for you to meet mix and match with. Don't waste another moment but just one thing - make sure the outfit is a Christian owned one (all you need do is read the about us section - it will say ao for sure if hey are really owned and run by Christians).

Your Church
Now look... you only need to me ONE right person so don't worry if they're arn't that many single Christians in your church - just get involved and start helping and serving others - this way you are bound at some point to run into someone you like, beit a new face or friends of friends - YES - FRIENDS OF FRIENDS - remember that one! Encourage your friends to meet new people too and that will help you:)

Christian Singles Holidays
Get yourself booked on a Christian Cruise - there are loads of companies out there that offer Christian singles holidays!

Christian Social Events & Parties
There are lots of Christian social events companies and party organisers springing up but you need to look for em. Here's one that caters for London Christians specifically -

This Website
Yep - Fusion101 Christian match service has loads of single Christian men and women on it that you can get talking to and meet in a jiffy!

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