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Christian singles couple by lakeChristian singles!... lonliness can be a difficult thing to deal with, but to stay healthy mentally and physically you must stay involved with your church and church friends. It's normally at times like holidays or Christmas and when everyone else is partying and having fun that Christian singles can feel most vulnerable. But the fact is it's possible to feel lonely anywhere - even church!

When you do have the blessing of a husband or wife, or have a great Christian girlfriend or boyfriend - don't forget to include your single Christian friends in activities and events. Often they won't feel like asking - especially if they are the far side of 30 as most of their friends will be married off and they won't want to 'be the odd one out' or 'spoil' the party atmaosphere - as if being single could do such a thing.

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Real Christian singles couple married on!To avoid lonliness - avoid isolation. Now you must recognise the thing about a lonly person is that they are more often than not isolated and depressed and the last thing a depressed person wants to do is get involved - that's why Im not giving you a choice - GO AND GET INVOLVED - preferably in something that helps others. God gives (not exclusivley as some churches and preachers teach) to those that give!:)

Ask God to help you see where you can serve others - this is the best cure for lonliness I PROMISE - and when you do - the chances of you meeting new people is soooo much greater!:) Remember a man reaps what he sows - so sow into other peoples lives!

Invite your friends over to your house - cook them a meal - arrange an outing - do something you wouldnt normally to bless others and see the reward you get:)

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If you really feel its time to settle down and get into a relationship - get your name down on the next church weekend away and do some networking with people in other churches. Join a Christian social group. Note there is no such thing as you finding the 'Right One' - you must be right yourself first - not perfect but sort yourself out and everything will flow from there. Work on improving your own characteristics and the way you react to things - be more round and less angular - ie more likeable.

Sometimes family can have a negative affect on a persons whole being - don't blame your family - you're responsible for yourself now whatever happened but if there's a lot of stress at home - keep your visits fairly short.

Remember that married people are often excellent matchmakers so hang out with couples as well as singles.

Ok - we wish you God's blessing on all your relationships.

Please read this help article on singleness.

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