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Subject: success - please remove my profile
Message: it is with great joy that I am writing to request that you remove my profile from your system. I have just gotten engaged to someone I met from Fusion and the wedding is set for Oct. I think it could be quite good for other membersa to know that sucess does happen and if you would like I am willing to write a decent testomany you can display on your site. 
Many Thanks and God Bless,
D. Pond Ontario Canada

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(StrengthinHim - 35382)
Subject: Delte My Profile
Message: Dear fusion, I have found someone on your website that I am devoted to persuing. I believe that God has asked me to trust His leading and to delete all of my profiles in dating sites. I find it funny that I found someone so quick that caught my attention, I was only a member for like 2 weeks maybe not even. Thanks again God Bless you
Adam C.  Arnprior - Ontario Canada

Hi Ed..
I just wanted to say a huge thankyou and that Fusion is the best free service I have come across for Christians looking to find partners on the Internet - its a true blessing and Ill be recommending you guys to anyone I meet who seriously needs a helping hand finding a life partner. Ill let you know how our relationship progresses.
mokins (ID436634) Ontario Canada

Hello, Fusion 101, 
your service to the Lord is great.
I'm proud to be one of millions that will, in the end, be standing with the Children of God when your reward is given to you in heaven.
I never thought that I would ever find my Proverbs 31 woman, ever, please accept my thanks and cancel my account.(Lockhart) My future wife and I will be sending you a gift but it's nothing compared to the gift you have given us. 
Thanks so much, God bless you.
Your brother in Christ, Jae Lock*****
Corbeil - Ontario, Canada  

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