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OK Fusion101!
please please remove mine and my new fiancees profiles from your amazing Christian singles website. We cannot thank you enough. Our only complaint - or rather suggestion would be that you make it a little easier to remove our profiles but I belive you are inundated and take a while to get round to things. That said your service is second to none - and free as well so anyone reading this.. try it. I was a definite sceptic but seversal people from my church have also found partners via this site.
Will be sendin a wedding pic - ur invuted by the way. contact us on [email protected]. All the best,
Simon and Janie Manitoba Canada 

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Subject: UserID 21778 Success!
Hi Ed,
I would like to unsubscribe to your services. I have found someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with. We met on Fusion101 and am very very greatful...!
Thank you. My ID is curlytop, and password is ----------.
Jodi - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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