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Hi there.
I was hoping you could delete my account. I found HIM!! :D Thanks so very much for your help! God bless you guys! My account name is Beckles, and the password was --------- if that helps...

Beck Victoria - Australia

I need you to delete my acount as I have met a super-dooper guy and we are getting hitched in August. The email attached to my account was [email protected] (i think ) or [email protected] Sorry to be SO vague!!
Anyway, rock on,

Doreen Victoria Australia

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Subject: Website Submission
From: reisen (20511)
Subject: Please delete my profile
Message: Could you please Remove me from Fusion101. By Gods grace I have found the woman I will love for the rest of my life. We both comr from different churches and when we first met our hearts could not let go of each other. She is going to be my wife!!! Thank you for your help and for your great service at Fusion101. God bless you all.
Springvale South - Victoria Australia

Dear 101, 
Fusion101 has been an amaziung resouce for me over the last year and I have met many wonderful single australisn Christians in that time. I had to write now tho to ask you to kindly remove my profile (dazzerite) as I have met and am about to marry a fantastic Christian girl I met on your site - I thought I had removed it some time back but am still receiving mail. Thanks a billion fusion!
Coilin - Victoria Australia

(JSbach1 - 26489) Hi there people...
thanks for this amazing opportunity to meet people. I have met a great guy and we've been talking for some time so any chance you could remove or hide my profile for now. Will let you know how we get on. Thnks
Sarak - Canberra - Australia

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The smallest and densely populated state in Australia. Melbourne, the capital is a mixture of European elegance and new- style. This compact State is complimented by the best road network! Meet christian singles for dating and love in this fantastic state!

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