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Dear Fusion101,
I came onto this site as it was recommended by a friend and rather reluctantly I signed up as I was having trouble meeting people in my area. Lo and behold and somewhat out of the blue. I am now united with a lovely lady to be married in Ausust this year - thanks so much Fusion!!!! 
John - NSW - New South Wales Australia

From: [email protected] (jpharo - 54177)
Subject: friendships
Message: Dear Fusion101, 
I have found this the very easiest dating service to complete. Not a profesional at computers & was able to access without any help. congratulations. Will give a donation at a later date. Keep it up and God bless! 
Doreen - Moree, NSW - New South Wales Australia

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Dear 101, I just wanted to ask if you can remove both me (OZbird23) and my new found partner(Gist378 - found on Fusion101!) as we are both still getting mail and since we are about to wed in December, I thought you ought to know. Please remove us asap and rest assured we will both pass on the good work of your companies free service. 
Joan - New South Wales  (JSbach1 - 26489) Australia

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