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Hi Fusion,
I finally got around to sending you my little success story since you went to the trouble of setting this up - I was feeling a little guilty. So here is my thanks at putting all the effort into this increadible free service for Christians everywhere! Please remove my account - I won't be needing it any more as I met suzzle77! Thanks,

Zak Tasmania AU Australia

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Subject: remove profile - success!
Message: Dear Ed..
I wanted to say thanks so much - I have met a great guy and we plan to get married in late July if finances permit. We wouldn't have met without you guys. God bless your ministry,
Alvin - Tasmania - Australia

(JSbach1 - 26489) Hi there people...
thanks for this amazing opportunity to meet people. I have met a great guy and we've been talking for some time so any chance you could remove or hide my profile for now. Will let you know how we get on. Thnks
Sarak - Canberra - Australia

Dear 101 (is it Ed?),
Thanks so much I wasnt expecting to meet anyone so quickly - will be in touch with u guys to let you know what happens but it looks extremely promising!:)
Tim - Tasmania Australia

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